My Family

My Family

Tuesday, March 22, 2016


I had one of the best breaks and we really had nothing planned. I got to sleep in (I woke up every day around 7, but that is totally sleeping in when you are used to getting up in the 5 o'clock hour), see lots of friends, clean my house, make dinners, relax, etc. I just did exactly what I wanted to do!

Here are some of the highlights!

  • The biggest thing that we did over spring break was work on the crib. Okay, I really didn't contribute much at all, but my hubby is working his tail end off to get this beautiful crib built. Here is a sneak peak...I will post more pics when it is complete. 

It is seriously BEAUTIFUL!! I cannot wait to share it all! I also can't wait for sweet baby m to sleep in it! What a treasured item that we will have forever! 

  • I did lots of shopping! This baby bump is getting bigger and bigger every day, so I did some shopping for some clothes that will hopefully get me through the school year. I even bought a pair of maternity pants and maternity shorts. I honestly felt defeated walking in that store, but once I tried them on, they were so much more comfortable than what I was working with, so I knew it was time to buy them. 

Here was my snapchat the other day! This baby thing is getting serious! 

I got to hang out with this sweet face!

Haircut day!! He is seriously a new pup when he gets a haircut!
I think he was sad on Monday when I had to go back to work.

  • I did some crafting. We bought new curtains at IKEA just the other week when we made our random trip to Kansas City and our curtain rods were just not the right color. 
BEFORE: It's hard to tell because of the sun light, but they are a light silver color.

I used a deglosser and then spray painted them Burnished Amber

AFTER: Again, kind of hard to tell, but they are now a dark bronze color. 

  • On my shopping adventures I couldn't help myself and I stopped by some baby stores...I even had some self control and I didn't buy a thing...but look at these cute things!
These might be beneficial for church :)

Look at that adorable hat and those boots! They also had the boots in pink in case it's a girl! :) I think my future sister-in-law is making baby m something like this, so I held off on purchasing these, because I'm sure whatever she whips up will be so adorable!
  • We went on LOTS of walks!! Seriously, our pups were spoiled over Spring Break. The weather was AMAZING and we took full advantage of it! I can't wait for the weather to stay beautiful!

  • Our last adventure was on Saturday. Trevor worked quite a bit over Spring Break, whether it was on the new business (I'll save that for another blog), working on the crib, or at his normal job. So, on Saturday we had a fun date day. I have been talking about wanting to go to The Purple Glaze on Brookside so we could get crafty, and Trevor must have remembered me talking about it because he definitely surprised me. 
I made a dog bowl for Winston. Hopefully this will be his new food bowl and Trevor made a mug with his new business logo on it. Once they are fired they will actually look a lot different. We don't get to pick them up until Thursday, so I will post an update then! :)

  • I also sang at church both weekends. I seriously LOVE getting to do this every weekend! It is such an uplifting place to be and I have made some amazing friendships over the last couple years. If you are looking for some place to attend church this weekend for Easter Sunday, I would LOVE for you to join us at LifeChurch in BA!

  • I mentioned awhile back that my amazing g-phi friends bought me a subscription to Le Tote for maternity clothes while I am on this fun adventure where my clothes don't fit. Well, I am officially large enough that some of my clothes aren't fitting...seeing as I mentioned earlier having to buy maternity pants! Well, I got signed up and my first box was delivered! Look at this cute dress...
Please ignore the unmade bed and Whiskey laying in the background! :)
 It actually makes getting dressed in the morning fun! Since Spring Break is over, I've got to have something to look forward to! :)

Well, that was my Spring Break in a nutshell! I told you it was not that exciting, but I definitely enjoyed it!

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