My Family

My Family

Sunday, June 2, 2013

You and Me Goin Fishin in the Dark

No, not really! But we were fishing in the daylight!
Since I was the only one to catch a fish on Memorial Day weekend I was anxious to see if I could do it again; so this weekend we went fishing on Trevor's grandma's pond. We had a couple friends in town staying with us for a wedding, so we decided to fish during the day and then get ready for the wedding. Whiskey, of course, came with us because he just LOVES the water!
Just swimming! He kept swimming right where we were fishing, so he got caught in our lines a few times!

Bullock fishing...

Trevor and Whiskey
Trevor and I were the only ones to actually catch a fish. *I guess my luck is still going strong!* We had a little bet going with whoever caught the biggest fish, which was me, but I was nice and didn't make the boys suffer! :)
a little perch

So excited!! It was a smallmouth bass.

Enjoying the sunshine!
If you can see the little white dot in the water...that is Whiskey! He saw Gabe across the pond and decided to swim across. Needless to say, he was a little tuckered out at the end of the day!

After fishing, boys will be boys and they went searching for critters to shoot! I stayed in the car for this and I was sure glad I did because they all came back with ticks all over them!! They were pulling ticks off of themselves the rest of the evening!!
That evening, we were attending a good friends wedding! Congrats to Samy and Brandon Jones!!! We had an amazing time celebrating with you on such a special day in your lives! Here are a few photos of the evening!
I just love this man!!!

Friends: Trevor, Rhett and Bullock

Such a beautiful lady inside and out!!! :)

Love these people!!! Burdge, Trevor, Schemmer, Rhett, me, Amy, Riley, Neafus and Schuylar
 What a fun weekend and a great way to kick off my summer break!!! I am just so excited for what this summer has to offer!!! We just love our friends!!!!

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