My Family

My Family

Sunday, December 2, 2012

The Weekend

This weekend was the first weekend that we literally did not have anything planned...I feel like those weekends sometimes end up being the busiest, but this one was alright! On Friday when I got home from work, this is what I came home to:

They have started clearing the land behind our will eventually be another neighborhood, but we were hoping we would be in our home a little longer before they started all this. Hopefully no one will want to build right behind us for awhile or we will have to redo our fence!

When Trevor got home he had a little surprise in the mail:

It's official!! He is a Certified Public Account!!! YAY!

On Friday night Trevor went and hung out with some friends and I hung out with our was nice just having a relaxing evening! On Saturday morning Trevor's mom, grandma, Trevor and myself all went to Darnaby's craft show
It was basically a mini Affair of the Heart, but we got some great Christmas presents, so it was worth going! I'm really starting to like these arts and crafts shows!

We had to go through the craft show rather quickly because the OSU game started at 11 and for the second week in a row I do not want to say anything about the game!
About half way through the game our neighbor, Cassie asked if I wanted to go to the Circus with her and her mom because her husband, Randy wanted to stay and watch the game. I don't think I have ever been to a circus so I was excited to go! My favorite part was the Elephants!!

Isn't this the funniest picture!! ;)
That evening since I was in the "circus" mood Trevor and I watched Water for Elephants! I've never read the book but I have heard the book is better (when is it the other way around). But since I haven't read the book, I really liked the movie.

I have actually been really busy today! Between cleaning the house and grading this stack of papers,
Trevor and I did make a fantastic dinner! (Keep reading for details!)

Before we started on dinner Trevor, our neighbor, and his dad put up an electric fence around our yard so Whiskey will learn not to dig. Well this somewhat backfired, because after they got everything put up, they wanted the dogs (including Winston) to get near the fence so they will learn that it will shock them. Well it scared Winston half to death, and he ended up having a seizure! Needless to say, I was extremely mad after this because Winston has gone exactly 2 months since his last seizure, which is the longest time between seizure he has gone! I have set the ground rule that the electric fence is no longer allowed to be on if Winston is going to be outside!!
After that whole fiasco, we went out to Trevor's family's land and let Whiskey get used to being in the water and swimming. We also went and shot guns.
Whiskey and Trevor

Our neighbors, Randy and Cassie's dog, Mox.

Whiskey and Mox

Regan, our cousin, shooting

My first time ever to shoot a gun.
Overall it was a fun afternoon other than Winston's seizure.

Now time for our dinner:
As you know, Trevor went to North Dakota and killed a lot of ducks which has left us with a LOT of duck meat. So Trevor decided he was going to try out a recipe with duck. It was actually delicious, so I decided to share! Here it is:

Ingredients: 1 cup sugar, 1.5 tablespoon flour, 1 onion, 1/4 cup soy sauce, 1/4 cup teriyaki marinade, 1 and 1/2 cups canola oil, pineapple chunks, sunflower seeds, and 12 duck breasts

  • Mix everything except the pineapple and duck meat in a blender. Blend the other ingredients. Put aside about a cup and a half of the marinade for dressing later. Let the duck meat marinade in the mix over night.
  • Wrap in foil with pineapple chunks and grill for about 12 minutes.
  • When you serve it, pour a little of the dressing on the top.

We then made twice baked potatoes, cowboy corn, and Cassie made cheesy biscuits!
(The recipe for the twice baked potatoes and corn came from the Pioneer Woman Cookbook!)

Another great weekend!! I'm getting so excited for Christmas! I love having our home all decorated for Christmas and of course listening to Christmas music!! Happy December!!

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