My Family

My Family

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Captain Random

So nothing has happened lately that would require it's own special here is one post compiled with many events!

First up...about a week and a half ago a bunch of performers from Silver Dollar City all hung out at a little local bar in Hollister. We were literally the only ones there and I'm pretty sure they only stayed open for us...but we made the best of it and had a great time!!

the girls!

apparently it was leather jacket night! ;)
On one of my days off last week, a few of us went to Springfield and went shopping...that's where I got my new black boots!! ;) But we also ran into this...I almost wish I would have bought it!

Redneck Wine Glass
You know you're a redneck if.... you drink box wine from this! Yes please!! ;)

This past Saturday a few friends from Branson and I went to Pizza Hut/Wings To Go to catch the end of the OSU game (I am so proud to be a Cowboy 'girl' especially after this past game!!! PISTOLS FIRING!!!) But after the game we stayed and ate some pizza and this is what we encountered in the parking lot...
Are you kidding me!!! This is just NOT okay!! Now I hate snakes more than anything, but this is probably the largest spider I have even seen face to face! It is some kind of Missouri Taranchula! I definitely inspected my sheets before I got in bed this night!!! I'm a scaredy cat when it comes to bugs!

Winston has been really needy lately! I think it is because I basically leave him all day for work and many nights after work I have plans, so I leave him alone again. That really only leaves my days off to hang out with him, but when I plan things on my days off, he is left alone even more! So one night I came home, sat on my couch and watched a movie. This is how Winston laid the ENTIRE movie!!!
When I would try and move a little he would moan and kick me in the head and then come right back to this position! I think I need to give him a little more attention! I'll be working on that this week! I know...pitiful!

And last but not least...I went to Tulsa this weekend to visit the hubs and when I got there this is what was waiting for me...

How pretty and sweet!!! I was sad I only got to enjoy them for 2 days...but I left them with my mom and I'm sure she will take good care of them!

If you have stayed with me this whole post I am proud of you!!! Sorry for the randomness!!!! HAPPY WEDNESDAY!!!

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