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My Family

Saturday, September 10, 2011

Football Season!!!

So first let me start off by saying, I'm not a huge sports fan! Most of the time I usually hate watching sports...but as an OSU fan and a person that is married to a HUGE sports fan...I enjoying watch OSU football. (I also enjoy watching basketball bc I played as a kid so I actually know all the rules and understand what is going on). But back to is that time of year! Sadly, with me living in Missouri and working every weekend, I won't really get an opportunity to go to many games...but that doesn't mean I won't get dressed up and find a place to watch the game!! The first game of the season, I had to work and Trevor was nice enough to miss going to the game and he came to Branson to see me instead. We hadn't seen each other in over 2 weeks so it was nice to be together! So we ended up going to a little sports bar in Branson called Time Out and watched the game there. There were only 4 other people there watching the OSU game and we ended up knowing a few mutual people. Small world!!

Then for the second game of the season, I ended up having Monday-Friday off as mentioned in a previous post, so I came back to Tulsa. Trevor had to work those days, but we at least got to be with each other in the evening. We had planned on going to the OSU game Thursday night since we were both in Tulsa...but we had some exciting things happen that day (we got a new car!!!! A jeep to be exact...I'll blog about that later though) so we were really busy getting all that squared away, we didnt have time to go to Stillwater. So on Thursday we went to eat at Leon's in Tulsa and watched part of the game there and then went to a friends house for the rest...Here are a few pictures from the first two games!...

Yes, I love dressing Winston up on game day!!! And since we won both games and he wore his jersey both games, I'm a little superstitious and will have to make him wear it every game day until we lose (which we won't)! Hope everyone has a fabulous weekend!!! I will be spending the weekend with my amazing husband!! ;)
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