My Family

My Family

Sunday, July 31, 2011

Weekend Update!!!

My weekend was cut a little short because I ended up having to work today, but that didn't stop us from having friends in town and having a good time!!

This weekend my friend, who was also my maid of honor in my wedding a couple months ago, came in town with her boyfriend. She lives in Shreveport and her boyfriend lives in Atlanta, so they made quite a trip to be here for just a couple days!! Trevor and I hadn't seen them since the wedding, so we were excited to get to hang out with them at a less stressful time. They got in town Friday evening, and we ended up going down on the Branson Landing and having some dinner and drinks at Old Chicago! This is basically our go to place when friends come in town because we absolutely LOVE their food! We actually just ate there two days prior to this as well because my uncle and his family were in town for a few days. But anyway, we ended up having dinner and hanging out there for quite awhile and then we just went back to our apartment and hung out.

The next day we ended up going shopping for a bit and I got this...
I have been looking at this wallet for a couple weeks now, so I finally just broke down and bought it! I love it!! and it was at the Fossil outlet, so I feel like I got a deal! ;)

After we went shopping, we ended up going on the Branson Belle Showboat, where they have dinner and a show! Because Trevor and I work for Silver Dollar City, we both get to bring a guest and get a discounted price! So all together we ended up paying $50 instead of $240! Can't complain there! Here are a couple pictrues from that night...

The 4 of us!

Best Friend

Before you look at these next two pictures, I must warn of them is from a LONG time ago!!! So Trevor and I came to Branson with my parents and grandparents about 5 or 6 years ago and we came to the Branson Belle Showboat. I remember taking this one picture a long time ago, so we decided to do a little re-enactment! So here it is...
junior or senior year of high school!!

present day!
After the Showboat, we went down to the landing again and hung out down there for a bit and then we went putt putt golfing, or miniture golf as some people call it! (The reason I say that is because the first time we came to this place to golf, we called it putt putt. The people at the front desk got really offended and said that this was a real sport and it is called miniture golf!! They even told us that they hold the United States Miniture Golf Associate tournament there, which is on ESPN, so apparently it is a big deal!) So never again will I make the mistake of calling this "sport" putt putt again. We had a deal going that who ever got the highest score, guys vs girls, would get something special, whatever they wanted. GIRLS WON of course!! ;) I haven't decided what I want yet!

Today, Nichole, Josh and Trevor all came out to the park, Silver Dollar City, to see me perform. Today was a CRAZY day though. First off, we were down to only 2 Saloon girls because all the others were out of town. So it was just me and a girl named Rachel. Well Rachel couldn't really dance today because she did something to her back. So we had to tweak the show a little, which wasn't too big of a deal. Well by the third show, my voice was COMPLETELY gone!! (This is because my lovely husband decided to put the air condition 4 degrees cooler than what we usually keep it on at night, so I woke up having a really sore throat and not feeling well!) So we had to tweak the show even more to cut my scene. We finished the day strong though!! And luckily, Nichole, Josh and Trevor got to watch a show that I was singing in.

Hope everyone has a relaxing Sunday!!! My amazing husband made me a fabulous dinner that is making my mouth water as we speak (I type!) Goodnight!!!

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