My Family

My Family

Monday, July 18, 2011


Here is my place of work...
The Silver Dollar City Saloon show! Our air conditioning has been out for almost 2 weeks now and we are miserable!!! I was sure that after having 2 days off this weekend, today it would be back to working...but it wasn't. It was even hotter today because instead of just having one a/c unit broke, they were both broke. So we decided to cancel the first 2 shows because they said they could have atleast one unit fixed this morning.

Since we were just sitting around for 2 hours, we decided to take advantage of the park and ride some we first decided to ride Powder Keg.
When we got to the front gate, they were closed. So we decided to ride their only other large roller coaster, Wildfire...

When we got to the front gate of Wildfire, it was closed as well. I felt bad for all the people that came out to the park today because the only 2 large roller coasters were down and the Saloon show was canceled...I'm sure they had some angry people on park today.

We then decided to go and ride the Giant Barn Swing...
It was atleast open, so we were able to ride one ride before going back to the Saloon to get ready for shows. We ended up doing the 3rd, 4th, and 5th show, but it was definitely HOT!!! Pray that we have our air fixed by tomorrow!!! Or it will be a HOT HOT HOT DAY!

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