My Family

My Family

Sunday, July 17, 2011

Family Time

This weekend, Trevor's mom and stepdad came in town to visit us. His mom's sister and her family were also in Branson staying at Big Cedar, so we also got to see them as well.
On Friday night, Trevor's mom and stepdad, Vanessa and Tony, got in town around 8:00 and we decided to go eat at Old Chicago. On the way there, we saw this chalk design on the sidewalk but didn't really think much about it. We just thought it was an odd place to have blocked off because there was a drawing with chalk on the ground. After we ate we were walking back to the car and saw this chalk design again. As we were walking by, someone told us to look at it through a camera because it looks 3D! They weren't was so neat looking...
Soon, there was a huge crowd around this thing. Very creative!

On Saturday, we went out on the boat with Trevor's mom's sister's family! I was really happy because we didn't go out til after 4 so that means no sunburn for me! (Sidenote: I am half Dutch, so any chance of me just getting a pretty sun tan is out of the question! Usually, I will look like a lobster at the end of the day and hurt EXTREMELY bad!! I also hate the smell of Aloe, so I hate putting that on my sunburn! Problems all around! haha!). So again, I was really happy when we didn't go out until 4:00. Here are some pictures taken...

Tony and Vanessa

Trevor's cousins tubing

Trevor tubing...he is an expert at all water sports! I, on the other hand, am NOT!
So funny...These ducks were swarming us....I think they thought we had food.

Trevor and his mama!

Overall, it was a great weekend!!! Now off to go shopping!

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