My Family

My Family

Tuesday, February 6, 2018

Morris Brothers 19 & 4

This is all about my boys at 19 and 4 months. This month went so quickly. I don't know where time goes. Days pass slowly but weeks pass quickly, how can that be?

Brooks turned 19 months on the 1st.
Rhett turns 4 months on the 9th. 
Oh my goodness, he looks like such a big kid, I can't take it!
Big Brother Brooks can get him laughing so hard!

Here is what Brooks is up to:
*We still have 7 teeth! HA! He has 3 that are just about to break through any day now. (I know I said that last month, but I really think it will happen this month!)
*Brooks LOVES dancing. This has just come about in the last few months, but he is a dancing machine. He got this guitar for Christmas and it is so fun watching him dance to all the different songs that are built in.
*He is getting better and better at numbers 1-10 and the alphabet. He will not say the number "one" though. I say "one" and he says "two." I have tried 1000 times to get him to say "one" and it's not happening. 
*He also refuses to say the word "truck." He repeats EVERYTHING, but if I say "truck," he says "car."
*He loved the zoo. He wasn't so interested the 1st time we went, but we went a couple weeks ago and it was a hit!

Here is what Rhett is up to:
Not much has changed this month.
*He loves to sit up so he can see around.
*He laughs at Brooks all the time. It is so cute!
*His naps are about 40-50 minutes long.
*He is an all star sleeper at night sleeping between 11 and 12 hours at night. 
*He was breaking out of his swaddle consistently at night, so we moved him to the Merlin Magic Sleepsuit. The first night was terrible. After hearing him cry for 45 minutes, we switched him back to a swaddle. I tried the sleep suit a couple weeks later and he LOVED it. We have been in that for about a week now and it's going great. I seriously LOVE this sleep suit. It has worked so well for both boys. 
*We are doing things backwards over here. We have rolled from our back to our tummy. But, we have not rolled from our tummy to our back. I’m not sure why he’s rolling to his tummy because he hates tummy time!

Here is our life in pictures...
Here was the first night in the sleep suit that didn't go so well. Haha!
Fun Comparison...Brooks is in the top picture and Rhett is the bottom. They look a lot alike here!

January was a tough month. All of us were sick at one time. Brooks started out with a cough and it eventually turned into a runny nose, cough and fever (along with being pitiful!). Trevor got it shortly after Brooks and then I had it for like a day. Thankfully I got over it really quickly and really only had a runny nose. I thought Rhett escaped the illness, but right when everyone else got better, Rhett got it.

I felt terrible for Brooks. He just wanted to cuddle on the couch, watch TV (which NEVER holds his attention), and he had no appetite. You could tell he was miserable. :( I didn't mind the cuddles. Overall, it was an okay week. We stayed home most of the week so we wouldn't spread germs, but it was pretty relaxing overall. However, once Brooks was better and Rhett got sick, then it got hard. Rhett just wanted to be held (who doesn't when they are sick) but Brooks was in play mode. It was really the first time Brooks was frustrated that I couldn't play with him. It was probably the hardest week yet with both boys. But thankfully, that week passed and we are all healthy and back to normal.

Showing off his new kicks!
Such a big guy in his bumbo seat.
During the week when Brooks was sick, the only thing I could get him to eat was a smoothie. Tropical Smoothie Cafe was our life saver that week :)
Some days you have to wear snow boots with your pajamas.
Some fun before bedtime.
He has started taking all of his pants out of his drawer. He thinks it's hilarious...probably because of my reaction.
I love this little dude so much!
Whiskey enjoying the teepee. One night we didn't know he was in there when we put Brooks to bed. He was in there for a couple hours while Brooks was asleep. Somehow we got Whiskey out without waking Brooks up. 


They are the cutest!
Bucket head!

One of my favorite times of the day

Brooks now can say "GOOOO POKES!"

At one point this month I had a black eye...I wonder how that happened...


Trying to put shoes on Rhett


We make daily trips to the mailbox when it's not too's about a half of a mile walk. Brooks walks and bosses the dogs around and Rhett can't seem to stay awake. 
We hung out in the sandbox as much as possible when the weather would permit. 

angel baby

Goodness, I love this silly boy!

These pictures crack me up...

The weather was nice so we walked up to Brooks's tree swing so he could play a was fitting because this picture popped up on my time hop that day too.

We had a play date with Great Grandma and miss Katherine and it wore Rhett out.


Brooks had so much fun! It looks like I need to get a membership so we can go often! He loved going on the train ride!

Brooks put his rain boots on Whiskey. He was so proud of himself! HA!

These next few photos might be some of my favorites of Rhett. His bright blue eyes stand out so much. Goodness, I love him!

Trevor and I were cracking up. We put Brooks down for a nap and he attempted to take his shirt off. You can see the sleeves are still on his arms. He somehow got the front of his shirt behind his head and stuck there! haha!

He also tried pulling down his pants!!!

We had cousin Jude joining us during the day for the week. We had a great time hanging out and adding another boy to the mix.

It was definitely a tough start to the month, but I am so thankful for health and happiness in our home now. I love these sweet boys so much and am so thankful to get to stay home with them and be a play-at-home mom. It's the best job ever!!

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