My Family

My Family

Friday, February 16, 2018

Valentine's Day

Valentine's Day definitely looks a little different these days, but we still made it special. Trevor actually hates fake holidays, but he appeases me by doing a little something. ;)

To start things off, I always read the verse of the day on the bible app and I love that this was the verse...
Valentine's Day might be a "fake" holiday, but I'm never going to pass up an opportunity to tell those around me that I love them. So, why not have a holiday dedicated to love.

Earlier in the week I did a little craft with the boys because I wanted to give their grandparents a little something from them for Valentine's Day.

They are the CUTEST!!

On Valentine's Day, me and the boys spent almost the whole day outside. It was absolutely beautiful that day!

When Trevor got home, he surprised me and brought home Sushi for dinner! I told him I was in charge of dessert, I bought us some chocolate covered strawberries, so Trevor was in charge of dinner plans. He knows me too well.

A Valentine's Day would not be complete without a photo with Winnie. He was my Valentine's Day gift back in 2009. The best gift from the best guy. This was before we were even engaged, so it was a big thing for Trevor to get me such an elaborate gift that was essentially "ours."

After we got the boys down we hung out and watched the Olympics. It was a perfect Valentine's Day in my book because it was quality time with the people I love. ;)

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