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My Family

Wednesday, August 30, 2017

Another House Update

Well, this should be my last house update before moving in. Now, that is exciting to think about. This has been the most fun part for me because Trevor was in charge of the structure and making sure everything was built properly and I was in charge of the fun stuff...cabinets, granite, tile work, lighting, etc. It has been fun seeing all the selections come together. It's always a little stressful picking all of this stuff and hoping it looks good together. In the last post they had just finished spray foam and floors. We only got to see our floors for a day and then they were covered up with cardboard since a billion contractors would be walking on them and we had to paint the walls still.

If you want to read about the beginning stages, click here!
If you want to read about the beginning stages of the building process, click here!

I took these on google maps because I wanted to show that this was seriously filled with trees before we started working. There was a lot of work that needed to be done before we could even start building, which is what that first blog post is about.

And this shows how long our driveway is right up to our house.

July 13th: Drywall!
Living Room 
Master Bedroom

Master Bath

Master Bath

Spare Bedroom

July 20th: We picked a couch on our not so fun date night. Haha!

July 26th: The closets in the boys' rooms were being built. I absolutely LOVE how they turned out. I didn't really want "closets" in their room so we did lots of built-ins.

Our closet was also built

July 27th: The drawers went in and all trim was complete.

August 6th: Paint happened!! :) I absolutely LOVE the color. It's Wyndham by Pratt and Lambert

August 9th: Our cabinets were installed and they are BEAUTIFUL!!! We are still waiting on a couple pieces of hardware to come in, but I am so happy with how they turned out.

August 18th: Trevor built the wall that will go between our shower and toilet and they started working on our master shower. They also started installing our lights! :)

Guest bathroom lighting
Our bathroom

We have 1 ceiling fan installed.
August 19th: We finished these beauties! I'm so excited to see them with our vessel sinks and faucets.

August 21st: Trevor installed the hardware for our floating shelves.

Our shower is coming along 
Our outdoor lighting was installed.

August 22nd: Granite was installed and it is BEAUTIFUL!

August 22nd: Our guest bathroom started becoming tiled.

August 23rd: Brooks was having fun playing in the cabinets and more lighting was installed.

I was SOOOO excited to see this light installed. I LOVE it!
August 24th: I started staining our vent hood.

Making progress
August 25th: Our master shower was started, most of our guest bathroom was finished, we brought in the vanities and we started staining our floating shelves.

Trevor has to position the vanities and then drill holes for the faucets and sink.

Floating shelves
August 26th: Guest bathroom shower is done! I love the decorative piece in the middle.

August 27th: We had a MAJOR cleaning day! THANK YOU TO EVERYONE WHO CAME AND HELPED! We had to pull up all the cardboard and scrub the floors. We basically stubbed the whole house from top to bottom.

I loved finally getting to see our floors. They have been covered since the day after they were stained.

Kind of dark, but that's Trevor's vanity.

Master shower coming along.
August 29th: Our shower is complete and I LOVE it!

Now it just needs a door. :)

I found these mirrors at Hobby Lobby for half off...once we get plumbing done we will see if they will work.

Well, that's all for now. We are so excited for the progress that has been made. We were supposed to move in this Friday, but the plumbers put us back (again), so hopefully we will be moving in by next Friday! We'll see.......
I'm so excited to start working on this nursery!

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