My Family

My Family

Thursday, August 31, 2017

August Date Nights

I'm just going to jump right were our date nights this month!

August 3rd: We were in Michigan and we decided to go blueberry picking again. We did this last year and had a lot of fun, so this year we included Brooks since he loves blueberries.

The funny thing is, I don't think he realized they were blueberries because he wanted nothing to do with them. Instead, he was obsessed with Trevor's coffee cup and preferred to just sit and play with that. Haha! 

August 4th: We were still in Michigan and this date was to make up for the no date the week before when we were leaving for Michigan the following day. Trevor looked up and found a winery to visit. I realize I was 30 weeks preggo or so when we did this date, so Trevor tried them and we bought some wine at the end of the tour for different occasions we have coming up after baby Rhett is born.

It was SUPER rainy and most of the tour was outside, but we still managed to have a great time!

Trevor tried one of the grapes...he said they weren't very good. Haha! The guide warned him of that, but that didn't stop him.

It was such a fun date!

August 10th: Trevor had planned a date night, but we ended up having to move it to the next week because I broke out in hives and took Benadryl which made me sooooo sleepy. I fell asleep before 8:30 that night. Haha!

August 17th: We did the date night that Trevor had planned the week before. We know that when we move into our home we will have lots of little projects that need to be done, so Trevor decided to make a Spotify playlist together of random songs we used to like. I'm SUPER excited to listen to this playlist...most of the songs were songs we liked in high school and college, so it should be a fun trip down memory lane. :)

August 24th: We had a ton of stuff to work on for the house, so we went and got ice cream at Andy's together and then finished our floating shelves, vent hood and bathroom vanities.

August 31st: We watched OSU of course! Not really my choice of date so we are actually having date night on Sunday night this week. Trevor said he has something planned.


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