My Family

My Family

Monday, January 16, 2017


I just realized as I was catching up on some blog reading that I never blogged about New Years Eve 2016! It has been a tradition of ours for a few years now to ring in the new year with our amazing life group and this year was no different. Not everyone could make it this year, but we are thankful for the ones that could! This year definitely looked a little different than years past. In years past, only one couple had kids and the rest of us were free spirits. As many of you know, all of the couples in our life group got pregnant at the same time, so this year we had lots of babies! We weren't planning for it to be a late night anyway because I sang at church before the NYE party and I was scheduled to sing the next morning, plus we had Brooks with us, so late night stuff doesn't happen too often. We brought a pack and play over so we could go ahead and put Brooks to bed like normal and then continue hanging out with friends. We had done this a few times over the holidays at my parent's house and it worked just fine, so we didn't see any reason it wouldn't work this night. :) hahahahaha...think again! When it was 8:30 or so, we fed and rocked Brooks and he fell asleep like normal. We went and played games and hung out with our friends until about 11:30. For some reason ALL the babies woke up! WHAAAAT! Brooks, Graham and Charlie all woke up crying. You would think they got together and planned this! This was not typical behavior for any of these 3 children. We all went upstairs and tried to console them and get them to fall back asleep, but that wasn't working. As a parent, you have these thoughts going through your mind on what you really want to do vs what is probably best for your babe. Brooks was totally happy if we were holding him, so I thought, "Okay, we can stay at least until midnight and hang out with everyone and we will just keep Brooks awake until we decide to go" but then the smart parent voice pops in your head and says, "Just go home! He's probably tired but for some reason he's not comfortable here. Making it to midnight really isn't that important." Well, we decided to be responsible and just get Brooks home. We celebrated the big ball dropping/countdown to midnight in the car about two miles away from what we call home right now. Haha! What a night! It was fun while it lasted, anyway! :)

This is actually the only picture I got!

I'm so thankful for these mamas and the soon to be mamas that have joined our life group. You make life so much fun! I also love that everyone is so supportive! A few of us had to leave early because of a not so ideal situation and no one gave us a hard time. It was just a "well, we'll try again next year" kind of thing. LOVE YOU ALL!!!

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