My Family

My Family

Sunday, July 17, 2016


The nursery is finished! It was basically done before we had him, but I wanted to get some newborn photos in there.
We actually had most everything done before we crumbled and found out the gender! For some reason, I just knew we were having a boy, and the room clearly portrays that. ;) This is probably my new favorite room in the house!!

There are so many sentimental things in this room, I love it!! My grandpa had built the rocking chair a few years ago and given it to me for Christmas. The crib is made out of the exact same tree as the rocking chair! Trevor did an amazing job on it-thank you to everyone who helped him! My sister-in-law made those adorable sheep that are hanging above his crib. I LOVE his little library. We read him a devotional every night and then we pick a book from the bookshelf every night. I made the curtain and his changing table/dresser is actually an entertainment center that I bargained for at a place called Into the West. They were closing down, so I was determined to get a good price! I went back every week for probably 5-6 weeks and finally talked the guy down! Trevor did an amazing job hanging all the pictures and shelves. And he designed the little wood mobile above the crib. I love that this is something we worked on together!

Like I said, this is probably my new favorite room in the house! ;)

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