My Family

My Family

Friday, July 15, 2016

Brooks' 2nd Week

Obviously the 1st week of a persons life is a big one, but the 2nd week is right up there! I definitely didn't take as many photos in week 2, but this kid is seriously taking over my camera roll!

On Friday we went to the doctor for a weight check up and we were 7 lbs 2 oz. So, Brooks was doing good on gaining that weight back that he had initially lost. We ran some errands on Friday and saw lots of family. For dinner that evening, my sweet friend Linda brought us some delicious BBQ with amazing homemade cobbler and blueberry muffins for breakfast! Yum!!! 
This is the only pic I took all day!! Who knew you could just stare for an entire day and be totally content!

On Saturday we got out and about, ran some errands, saw family, and really just had a family day ourselves. People always ask who Brooks looks more like, so we created this little collage...
You tell us!! Who does he look more like???

Our nephews have been in town from FL, so Trevor has tried to spend as much time as possible with them. Saturday night we went to a drive-in movie with them. We saw The Secret Life of Pets...Brooks loved it! Ha! He does love being outside anyway!

On Sunday morning we all slept in! And we got some sweet cuddles with this cutie! 

That morning some of our friends came to visit and meet Brooks!
We love you Andrea, Matt and Zoey!
We then had bath time! This week we were an alligator! The cutest alligator EVER!! THANKS Aunt Morghan for my awesome towel!

I have to brag on this little fella! He is sleeping like a champ at night and in his OWN crib! He of course wakes up every 3 hours - pretty much on the dot - to eat again, but the rest of the night he is in his crib asleep! I'm sure the day is coming where we will be seriously up all night with him, but I am praising God for a great sleeping baby! He got that from his mom!

On Sunday our only plan was to make it to church. Life.Church started their amazing July series of At the Movies, so we had to go and check out the lobby and experience the sermon. If you are looking for a church, consider Life.Church! I promise, once you walk in the doors, you won't want to leave! I also really missed the people on the worship team, so we had to go early and say hello and let everyone meet Brooks.
Brooks enjoyed church about as much as he enjoyed his 1st movie...he slept!

The music is pretty loud, so we put his little hat on him and some infant earphones that were still way too big! He woke up right at the end, of course during the most quiet moment, and let out a nice big cry! We were pushing his feeding time, so he was waking up because he was starving!

Here are just some sweet pictures of him that evening. Trevor had to go back to work on Monday, so we were soaking up all the snuggles that night!

Melt my heart!!

I just love watching Trevor be a daddy! He is the best!

Monday was my first day home with Brooks alone. I was definitely a little nervous, but the day went GREAT! His demeanor is pretty happy when he is awake and of course he sleeps all the time, so I was able to get lots of house work done and my laundry list of things to do! I also set aside time for some snuggles too!

Thank you to the Simons family for bringing us yummy dinner that night! It was delicious!

That evening we had lifegroup, so Charlie and Brooks got to hang out!

On Tuesday, Trevor and I were signed up to go to Googlefest. They had a small business session that we thought would be beneficial for Armor, so we took Brooks with us. While I was getting ready, Whiskey offered to babysit!

Brooks slept like a champ through it all! I did have to feed him through one of the seminars, but he seriously was asleep through everything else! It was exciting to get to rock our shirts and be a walking advertisement for our small business. We need to get Brooks a shirt! That will be my next craft project! *If you, or someone you know, is looking for an accountant, please consider Armor Accounting. You can check out our website at or email my husband, Trevor at

Brooks was rockin' his Harley attire, so I of course had to get pic on the Harley!

What a stud! :)
Thank you to Eric and Vanessa for bringing us yummy Zoe's for dinner! We loved catching up and introducing you to Brooks!

Wednesday rolled around...seriously, time flies too fast already...and Trevor was back at work and Brooks and I were home alone.

Mornings are seriously my favorite! 
Trevor does the 5am shift and then just puts him in a bassinet in our room, so when I wake up, he is just right there. I usually cuddle with him for a bit before his 8am eating time. Winston likes this time too apparently! 

Brooks was a little cranky on Wednesday, so we just went outside and he was totally content. So we spent the morning outside. I worked a bit and he got some Zzz's.

A friend of mine from Oneta Ridge got Brooks this adorable shirt and then Trevor's grandma embroidered it. So stinkin' cute! I also think it looks like he is doing the heizman here! haha!
I think Winston likes being a big brother! :)
 And Brooks got his first piece of mail! So exciting!
Thank you Contads for bringing Olive Garden! So delicious...and that dessert!! ;)

Thursday we had some more outside time in the morning. 

And then I went to lunch with my friend Shelly at Chuy's. We were at Chuy's when the huge storm hit. We tried to get our food to-go and leave before it really picked up, but we didn't succeed. About the time we were debating on leaving, the power went out at Chuy's and the power lines were going crazy! There ended up being a live wire that had fallen in front of Chuy's, so they weren't letting anyone leave. Shelly and I then decided to go ahead and eat our lunch that we got to-go, in the lobby. When there was a small break in the storm we made a run for it! Shelly was so sweet to run and get her car and take me and Brooks to mine so we didn't have to get wet! 

Thankfully we made it home safely and we're able to ride out the storm at home. Unfortunately, both our parents lost power, so we might be housing people the next few nights! 

Our good friends and neighbors brought us dinner Thursday night! Thank you Bringaze's for that delicious homemade meal and yummy cookies. We loved hanging out on the back patio! How did I not get a pic of you two holding Brooks!? Next time! ;)

And today, as of 11:27am my baby is 2 WEEKS OLD!!! 

Brooks, you are the light of our lives! I cherish each moment I spend with you, especially those middle of the night feedings where we listen to some soothing music, I usually read my devotional to you and you fall right back asleep on my chest. Thank you, Jesus for this sweet baby! I am loving being a mom! Brooks, you have truly changed my life for the better!

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