My Family

My Family

Sunday, July 31, 2016

First Vacay with Brooks and Brooks' 4th Week

This picture just sums up our trip! ;) 

Each year my family gets together for a family reunion in Holland, MI. My dad's parents lived there and would rent houses for all the families. Everyone kind of does their own thing during the afternoons, which usually consists of walking to the beach, then we all get together for dinner. After dinner we usually walk back to the beach to play volleyball and watch the sunset, followed by getting ice cream at the general store. Then, we usually congregate in someone's house to play games. This year looked a little different because my grandpa passed away June 15th, so this was our first family reunion without him. It was definitely different not having him there, but I'm so happy we got to see so many family members. Even with both of my grandparents gone now, I hope that the family reunions continue, because our trips to Holland are always my favorite!

Here are lots of photos and captions from our trip:

Trevor and I left on Friday evening and drove through the night. Brooks was a champ! He literally slept the entire trip! We got to Holland around 8am and went to my grandpa's house to sleep a bit since our house wouldn't be ready til around 2. 

We stayed in a new house this year. 

Saturday: we slept for a bit at my grandpa's house, then we got all settled in our house. Around dinner time we took Brooks downtown so we could walk around and grab a bite to eat at a place called New Holland Brewing Company. It's one of our favorite restaurants in Holland. I don't know if it was from traveling all the previous day or what, but Brooks lost it at the restaurant! Thankfully we were outside, so he didn't make a huge scene, but Trevor and I basically took turns eating and walking around outside the restaurant trying to calm him down. I'm sure our first of many meltdowns while we are out and about! Ha! 

Sunday: we got up and ready for church. Usually my grandpa's church has outdoor survices during the summer months, but it was raining, so we had church inside. 

So precious!

After church we went to a place called Boatwerks. You can sit outside right on the water and it's beautiful!

After lunch we headed to the beach! 

We were having too much fun dressing this kid up!

Trevor bought a nifty tent that we used at the beach. It worked great to keep Brooks out of the sun!

He's such a good dad!

That evening my Aunt Sue cooked dinner and then we all headed to my grandpa's house for a surprise shower for my brother and Katy. They are getting married in March and since our family is so spread out, my mom and Aunt Sally had the idea to throw them a couples shower!

Monday: we got up and around and then headed downtown Holland. Wes wanted to take Katy to New Holland Brewing Company, so we are there again. Brooks was much better this go around. 

We then walked around and shopped a bit. 

That evening was my grandpa's funeral service. He passed away June 15th, but since the reunion was fast approaching, the family decided to wait to hold his service for when everyone would be in town to say goodbye. It was nice to have so many family members around during this time and to see all the people from his church and community there. We love you and miss you grandpa Weller. Brooks wore a bow tie in honor of you!

That evening we headed to the beach to watch the sunset.
Brooks loves being in his Baby Bjorn carrier! He would just fall asleep every time we put him in it to walk somewhere!

I love seeing her as a grandma!

We played a lot of KanJam! If you haven't heard of this game, you are missing out! So fun!

Trevor being silly!

Tuesday: that morning we got up and around and then headed to de Boers for breakfast. It was Katy's last day in town, so we had to take her to all the good local places and de Boers is definitely at the top of the list. We then came back to our house and just hung out in our yard. The weather was so beautiful, a little chilly even, if you were in the shade. 

Love his shades! Thanks Aunt Lorri!

We then headed to the beach!

That evening, Stinky got a bath! It's hard to see, but it's a cute duck towel! 

My Aunt Nan cooked dinner for everyone on Tuesday and then you guessed it...we headed to the beach to watch the sunset. Everyone played volleyball before relaxing and watching the sun go down. 

Brooks didn't sleep so well Tuesday night, so Trevor and I were up with him often, which made Wednesday a little tiresome. 

Wednesday: Trevor went golfing on Wednesday morning, so I was home with the babe! When this kid keeps his parents up all night, he sure is chipper!

You just can't stay mad at a cute face like that!!

When the guys got done golfing, my mom and I went to lunch for my Aunt Jan's 60th birthday and then we headed to the beach.
Brooks was a little fussy at the beach, so we didn't stay long. However, the cute little flower girl in mine and Trevor's wedding is now a baby whisperer! 
So sweet!!!

That night my Aunt Sally cooked dinner for everyone and then we headed to the beach. I failed to mention that every night after the beach we got ice cream from the general store...Mackinac Island Fudge Sundae is my fav! Yum!!! Trevor tried a new kind every night. I'm not that adventurous, I know what I like and I'm sticking to it! Plus, I only get this ice cream in Michigan, so I've got to get it while I can!

Thursday: we got up and headed for our date day. I already posted about this, but Thursday is mine and Trevor's date day/night. We went to lunch, picked blueberries and then Trevor got to try Captain Sundae for the first time!

It was our first time ever to leave Brooks and my dad was the best babysitter! Thanks grandpa! ;)

I would be lying if I said I was cool as a cucumber. I was definitely okay for the first hour or so, but towards the end of our date, I was definitely getting a little anxious. 

After our date, Trevor had to work some, so the rest of us napped!

We even made it to the beach for about 30 min and you can guess what Brooks did...

That evening my Aunt Jan made dinner for everyone. Brooks got a new pair of sunglasses for the occasion. 
What a stud!

That evening my cousin from my mom's side actually joined us. She recently married a guy from Holland and they live there now. Such a small world!

Friday: our only goal was to go to the beach since it was our last day. My parents hadn't eaten at de Boers yet, so we went there for breakfast/lunch and then we hit the beach!

We even had tummy time at the beach!

That evening my parents were in charge of dinner. Then, we walked the pier. We hadn't walked it once this trip, so we went on the pier to watch the sunset. 

Saturday: we got all packed up, cleaned the house and hit the road! Uncle Wes helped while Trevor and I were packing.

Happy 4 weeks Brooks Gabriel! You got to meet lots of family this week and you are loved by so many! You gave mom and dad a few sleepless nights this week, but life definitely looked a little different this week, so we understand. Plus, when you smile or make some cute face, we totally forget that we are a little sleep deprived. There was one night you were only content laying on my chest, so we made adjustments. It was definitely a sweet moment. We had soooo much fun with you at the beach! You are seriously a beach baby! I can't wait to bring you back to holland in years to come and see you play in the sand and do all the things that my brother and I used to do as kids! 

We actually found some baby pics of me and my brother this week and although Brooks looks a lot like Trevor, he definitely resembles me a LOT and has some of my brothers features!

Not sure how old I was here. 
This is me at exactly 1 month...what Brooks is right now!

This pic of my brother just cracks me up! 

I need to get some more baby pictures of Trevor so we can compare. I know baby's looks change all the time at first, so it's fun to pick out their features during each change. 

Now we are headed home. Only a few more hours to go. Brooks is doing awesome just sleeping away!

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