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My Family

Sunday, June 5, 2016

We Made it to Wood!!!

Trevor and I celebrated our 5 year anniversary yesterday! Wahoo!!! Honestly, time has flown by! Is there a way to make it SLOW DOWN!!! For those that don't know, wood is the 5 year anniversary gift!

Here is a recap of year 5: 

*We both interviewed for jobs in OKC/Edmond and both got job offers! In the end, we turned them down because we just didn't feel like the timing was right. 

*We went to Florida with Trevor's mom, stepdad and grandma to visit Trevor's brother's family. 

*We went to Mexico with our good friends Shelby and Chapman and my brother and his now fiancé over 4th of July. So much fun!!!

*We went to the lake with our friends Katie and Andrew. 

*We went to Hartley, TX to visit our good friends Addison and John. 

*I got to see Gavin DeGraw and Shania Twain in concert with my good friend Emily. 

*We installed a barn door in our bedroom! LOVE IT!

*We built new outdoor patio furniture. 

*We went on a houseboat trip with some amazing friends!

*We went to an OSU game and got to go down on the field to watch part of the game AND we got to check out the tunnel and see the full smoke effect. 

*Whiskey turned 3!

*We went to an awesome event in Tulsa called Tulsa Wine and Roses. 

*We ran the Race for the Cure 5k for the 3rd year in a row. 

*I lead worship by myself for the first time ever at church!-which turned into an almost every weekend thing and I'm LOVING it!

*We had a "stay-cation" over Fall Break!

*We bought a Harley. 

*We went to Oktoberfest

*We saw Josh Abbott Band in concert at the Cains. 

*We went to our friends wedding in Paris, TX. 

*We were Wine and Cheese for Halloween. 

*We got PREGNANT!!!

*Actually 4 out of 6 couples in our Lifegroup got pregnant!! 

*More OSU football games. 

*My brother and his girlfriend Katy, got ENGAGED!!!!

*We hosted our Lifegroup Christmas party. 

*Winston turned 7!

*We experienced a DateBox!

*We got hardwood floors installed in our home. 

*Lots of Baby Showers!

*Trevor built a crib! And it's BEAUTIFUL!!! 

*We both turned 28. 

*We went on a Babymoon with our friends, who are also pregnant, to Beaver Lakefront Canins near Eureka Springs. 

*Trevor went part time at his current job and started his own business, Armor Accounting and Business Solutions. 

*i started guitar lessons!

*My good friend Reagan threw me a baby shower!

*2 members of our Lifegroup had their babies! Welcome to the world Parker and Charlie!! They are perfect!!! 

*My 4 good friends, Nichole, Andrea, Cassie and Katy threw me a baby shower as well!

*I told my work that I will not be returning to teaching next year!

*We got impatient and found out we are having a BOY!!!

Wow!!!! What an EXCITING year!! I have a feeling this next year is going to look TOTALLY different than any previous year as we will be welcoming a new member to the Morris household!

We mixed things up a bit this year. We normally cook a meal together at home- usually something we've never done before- and just have a relaxing evening. This year we had a couple neat ideas come to mind. Trevor wanted to do a progressive dinner at different restaurants. Like a restaurant for appetizers, a restaurant for the entree and a restaurant for dessert. I then had the idea that we should try to incorporate this years gift in it-so we stuck with the WOOD theme! 

Appetizer: Upper Crust WOOD Fired Pizza

We ordered their delicious Farmers Market Salad and Cheese Bread

Entree: Napa Flats WOOD-Fired Kitchen
We ordered a yummy BBQ Chicken Pizza

We then went on a walk on Riverside because we were so full, we needed to work off some food before consuming dessert. It also stays light late into the evening, so it was a perfect night for a walk. I also had to make it to 10,000 steps and I hadn't done very good that day about being active!

Dessert: ChalkBOARD (we had to get creative here since there aren't that many "wood" places, we figured a board is usually wood! ;))

These desserts were delicious!!! The coffee and dessert might have been my favorite stop *surprise, surprise!*

Our gifts also stuck with the WOOD theme. Trevor made me this awesome stand:

I have this book filled with writing and ideas for when I lead at church, so Trevor made me a stand for it for when I'm practicing. It will also be helpful when practicing guitar! He even custom cut out holes for my favorite pens! Yes, if you know me, you know I'm a pen snob! I have my favorites that I always carry with me. You can blame the teacher in me for that! But I seriously LOVE this gift! Can't wait to put it into action!

I got Trevor a personalized oak beverage dispensing barrel. Our friends got one for a wedding gift and thought it was the coolest thing. 

Last year I predicted our word for the year would be "change." The ironic part about it is, that word was definitely fitting, but not for the reasons we thought. I think our word for this coming year will be "simplify." We have been very intentional about our decisions for after the baby is born, and we have kind of stripped down what we have found to be truly important to us. I'm excited to really focus in on being a mom and wife, just working a part time type job that I LOVE and helping Trevor with the business. These past 6 months have been so busy for me, it's been really nice since school ended to be able to breath and SLOW DOWN! 

I'm so excited for what this next year will bring! I honestly fall more and more in love with the man I married each and every year and I can't wait to meet Baby Boy Morris!!!!

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