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My Family

Friday, June 17, 2016

All About the Third Trimester


You can read about the 1st Trimester here
You can read about the 2nd Trimester here

April 14th – June 15th Since 37 weeks is technically "full term", I decided to go ahead and do the 3rd trimester post over week 28-37. I’ll post about the last couple weeks later. 

Baby Size: 28 – Eggplant, 29 – Acron Squash, 30 – Zucchini, 31 – Asparagus, 32 – Squash, 33 – Celery, 34 – Butternut Squash, 35 – Pineapple, 36 – Papaya, 37 – Romaine Lettuce. It went from 14.8 inches and 2.5 pounds to 18.9 inches and 6.5 pounds. 

My Symptoms:
Week 28 and 29 - There have definitely been a couple changes that I can totally tell I am in the 3rd trimester. I have shortness of breath, especially when I am trying to sing an up-tempo song. Climbing stairs is another task that just takes my breath away, but I refuse to take the elevator at work! I have also noticed that when I sit for a long period of time, when I get up, it is almost hard to walk for a moment because there seems to be so much pressure on my pelvic bone. It is really uncomfortable for a couple minutes, but then everything kind of evens out and I feel fine.        
Week 30 and 31 – Same as before, but now add a little heartburn. I really have not experienced heartburn before and I can say that it is really no fun!
Week 32 and 33 – Same symptoms as the last few weeks, shortness of breath when singing, but now it’s basically all the time, not just during an up-tempo song! Heartburn is getting worse. I’m trying to eat smaller meals but more frequent, and it seems to help a little. The baby seems really low, so I feel like I am walking a little different, which is causing my back to hurt a little more than usual. I also notice some swelling in my hands and feet. If I’m outside for any length of time it is hard to get my rings off.
Week 34 – Along with all of the other symptoms, I have also noticed that it is getting more and more uncomfortable to sleep. I can’t pinpoint exactly what it is, but every time I move, I wake up.
Week 35 – I have officially given up wearing my wedding ring in fear I won’t be able to get it off. I started having some cramps, kind of like a period and I was told those are contractions. I always thought they would be more painful, but I know this is just the beginning.
Week 36 and 37 – The cramps are getting a little worse. One night they woke me up because they was so uncomfortable, but for the most part, they haven’t been bad. I am also really hot! It’s miserable to be outside because it’s hot and humid. Sometimes the top of my ribs, below my bra strap feels numb. If I move positions it usually goes away, but it’s an odd feeling.

At the beginning of my 2nd trimester, I was up 2 and ½ pounds from my starting point.
At the beginning of my 3rd trimester, I was up 17 pounds from my starting point.
Week 28 – up 20 pounds from original
Week 30 – up 19 pounds from original. I was a little nervous when my first glucose test came back not normal and possibly gestational diabetes, so I must have cut out the sweets for a few days which led to a little weight loss. Thankfully my second glucose test came back perfect.
Week 31 – up 23 pounds from original. That number looked a little scary! We had teacher appreciation week this week and there was a plethora of sweets available all week, so I probably went a little overboard. I will definitely be cutting back sweets for awhile!
Week 32 – up 21 pounds from original
Week 33 – up 25 pounds from original
Week 34 – up 27 pounds from original
Week 35 – up 30 pounds from original
Week 36 – up 29 pounds from original. I was in a fitbit challenge this week with my brother and future sister-in-law and I literally walked more steps in a week than I ever have, so I’m assuming the weight loss was from that.
Week 37 - up 29 pounds from original

Gender: BOY!!! - We just couldn't wait! During week 31, May 9th, we were scheduled to get an ultrasound. We hadn't had one since week 20, so it had been almost 12 weeks. I really thought we would leave the doctor with some sweet pictures of its face, but s/he was being stubborn and wouldn't show us anything. So we left with no pictures. When we were waiting on the doctor we just started talking about the gender and maybe wanting to know, but we kept saying no! Prior to the doctors appointment when we were in the car we were kind of joking about finding out the gender, but it was all fun and games. At one point while waiting on the doctor we had just talked about it too much and there was no turning back! I was also a little sad when we didn't get any pictures of it's face, so I was instantly back excited when we officially decided to ask the doctor what the gender was. We asked our doctor if she knew what we were having and she said no. No one had written it down since we didn't want to know. We had to go back in the ultrasound room and get another ultrasound so we could find out the gender! And it was a BOY! We also got some neat pictures of HIS sweet face! I left so excited! I just knew it was a boy. Before we were even pregnant, I prayed that we would have a boy first, because I knew that's what Trevor really wanted, and goodness, he answers even silly prayers like that!

Maternity Clothes:
Week 28 through 32 - Maternity clothes all the way. Most of my shirts fit fine, they just look a little shorter, maternity pants are the only things that work right now. I am definitely feeling bigger and bigger each day.     
Week 33 - At this point, some of the maternity clothes are even uncomfortable. I prefer dresses as they don't put any pressure on my stomach. Most of my shorts/pants are pretty comfortable, but if I sit for any length of time, especially when eating, it starts to hurt my stomach. Tops are getting a little more challenging, as I just feel large at this point.  
Week 34 - When I’m home I’m just in whatever is comfortable and when we go out, I have just been wearing the same outfits because everything is just a little uncomfortable at this point. I try to come up with something creative for church, so I don’t wear the same things each week, but that is getting a bit challenging.
Week 35 through 37 - When I wear jeans, I’m SUPER HOT and the band eventually hurts my stomach. When I wear shorts, the band eventually hurts my stomach. When I wear a dress, I feel like there is no support and my legs are a little larger, so my legs rub together and it’s not exactly comfortable when it’s really hot outside. But, we are making it work! I like wearing Trevor’s under shirts; they are soft, large and a thin fabric so I don’t get too hot.

Week 28 through 33 – Constantly! :) I can see it moving almost all day, not sure of any specific body parts though. And I can feel him/her moving all the time!
Week 34 through 37 – Constantly! :) This might be my favorite part about being pregnant. It's just a really neat feeling that I think I will miss once Baby M makes his appearance into this world. I can’t pick out body parts yet, but it is weird when he is mostly on one side. Your stomach looks all deformed. It is crazy! Hiccups are probably the most annoying part. I feel exhausted for the little guy!

Week 28 through 30 - Sleeping okay. A little restless, but nothing too major. I am missing sleeping on my stomach, I am almost always on my left side and it is causing some cramps in my neck. So for now it’s hard to turn my head very far to the left during the day. I also have to pee at least once during the night. It's either around midnight, which is fine, or it's about an hour before my alarm goes off, which always makes the morning a little brutal! 
Week 31 and 32 - Sleep is becoming a little more difficult. It's hard to roll over and I always wake up when I'm trying to roll over. I am also going pee about 2 times a night which makes it hard to get in a deep sleep.  
Week 33 - Sleep is okay. I get up a couple nights to pee and I find myself on my back several times during the night. I usually wake up because it's hard to breath and have to roll over. I also had terrible heartburn on the 24th, so it was hard to fall asleep because I was hurting. I used our big euro pillow to somewhat prop myself up for most of the night, but it was a rough night's sleep.
Week 34 and 35 – Same as last week, but I’m thankful that when I do have to get up, I can get back to sleep pretty quickly.
Week 36 and 37 – Usually getting up 2 to 3 times a night now. Again, it’s pretty easy to fall back asleep, but I don’t think I’m getting the deep sleep I need because I have been craving some naps during the day.

Cravings: ICE! I seriously just eat ice all day long. We have made our fair share of trips to the snow cone stands around BA and Tulsa!
Week 32 - my dad brought home Mackinac Island Fudge ice cream from Michigan, so I have definitely been having some of that in the evenings! I’m really trying to stay away from sweets, but I only get this ice cream maybe once every year or two, so I’m going to indulge myself!  
Week 33 - I really wanted Pei Wei for about 2 weeks, but after I got my fix, I was good.
Week 34 and 36 – I wanted Firehouse Subs which is a little bizarre because I have not wanted a sandwich during this whole pregnancy because that is all I ate for lunch before I got pregnant.

Work Outs:  
I am determined to walk this baby out right now!
Week 28 through 33 – These weeks I was still in school, I was leading at church 2 services and background vocals 4 services and leading Switch on Wednesday. I was just trying to keep my head above water to be honest. I was pretty determined to get my 10,000 steps each day, but when I didn’t achieve that, I didn’t really care because I was just so tired! I was just so busy; my mind was always running a million miles a minute. We also had quite a bit of rain, so it was hard to even take the pups on a walk.
Week 34 – Summer has begun! I usually take the pups on a walk on a daily basis, which has been a little tricky because of all the rain, but we manage to get at least a small walk in every day. Determined to get my 10,000 steps in.
Week 35 - I have been in a fitbit challenge with Trevor, my brother and future sister in law, so I have been getting my daily quota of steps every day. I have been waking up about 7 and taking Winston on a walk behind our house and then taking Whiskey on a walk in our neighborhood, so I usually try and rack up my steps in the morning and then get gradual steps throughout the day. I usually feel better when I’m up and walking. Sitting makes it hard to breath and just isn’t comfortable after a while.
Week 36 and 37 – Same as week 35, however it’s getting hotter and hotter outside, so I am now waking up around 6 to take the pups on a walk. My feet and back are hurting more and more, but I usually feel better when I’m walking than when I’m sitting. We have been in a fitbit challenge, so I am determined to exceed my daily quota!

Best Pregnancy Moment:
Week 28 - This is really the first week that several people at church approached me and said they could finally tell I was pregnant. At this point, I'm glad people realize I'm pregnant and not just gaining weight!    
Week 29 - Celebrating Trevor's birthday. We just had a cookout with his family and then hung out with neighbors and grilled some steaks for dinner.
Week 30 - Nothing too big happened this week. We got to tour the hospital this week and we went to a newborn 101 class. Neither were very informative, but we did get a little bit of good information.
Week 31 - Seeing the ultrasound and finding out the gender!!!!
Week 32 - Telling our parents the gender! J
Week 33 - This has been an exciting week!! I just had the best time ever at the baby shower that Cassie, Andrea, Katy and Nichole threw for me. About 20-22 people came and it was just so much fun getting to celebrate Baby M. My friends are seriously so generous. We got so much stuff that we truly needed! After the shower we decided to get serious about the nursery. Since we know the gender, it has been so much fun! Each night Trevor has been hanging shelves/pictures/etc. I have been slowly getting stuff put away and everything is really coming together. I can't wait to see the finished project.
Week 34 - Just getting the nursery set up. Trevor and I both have been getting crafty this week. Trevor has been hanging shelves and building the crib mobile, I have been getting everything organized, picking out curtains and painting the dresser. It has been so much fun watching everything come together! Baby M, we are READY FOR YOU!!! My sister-in-law also took maternity photos of me and Trevor this past weekend. I absolutely LOVE how they turned out!
Week 35 - I think the nursery is DONE! Hallelujah! I absolutely LOVE it!! I love being in his room, and I think the pups do too. Sometimes we just go and sit in there and embrace it! We also had an ultrasound this week and it’s so cool to be able to see him in 4D! I don’t exactly know who is going to look like, but I’m just obsessed with that sweet face! His foot was up by his face in every picture we got, SO SWEET!
Week 36 - On June 10th I walked more steps than I have ever taken since owning my fitbit…I know that’s not that exciting, but I think it’s pretty cool that I took 22,000 steps in one day being 36 weeks pregnant. Trevor’s work also threw us a baby shower and they were so sweet! We had the biggest cake I have ever seen and I was just overwhelmed by their generosity. It’s so cool how many people have helped us prepare for this little baby. So exciting!

Thoughts: Whoa, we are getting close! I am so excited to meet him and I am so excited for this new journey that Trevor and I will be on. I am ready to show this sweet baby off and just be a mom. I cannot believe how fast this pregnancy has gone! Baby Morris will be here before we know it! We are so excited to meet him!

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