My Family

My Family

Wednesday, June 15, 2016


"What have you been up to today?" is a question I get often, whether from Trevor or friends or family and the answer is, I have no idea! The day goes fast, I'm not sitting and doing nothing, actually I'm really busy, but I have no idea where the day goes! Here is what I've come up with.

I've done LOTS of sewing. I absolutely LOVE sewing, but I rarely have much time for it during the school year. 
Burp rags for a friend.

More burp rags for a friend 
Burp rags and cute bandana bibs for a friend.

Insulated casserole dish carrying case for a friend from Trevor's work 
A curtain for Baby M's room

I had to make some bandana bibs for Baby M!

And I love that cute dog fabric so much that I had to make this for Baby M as well! 
I told you...I have been busy sewing! Trevor thinks I need to open a shop on etsy or something. It might be something I consider after baby is born. I need a name though...any suggestions??

We have been going on LOTS AND LOTS of walks. It has slowly gotten really hot, so we have to wake up early and go right away. If Trevor is home, he usually goes with us and we take one long walk. If Trevor is at work, then I will take Winston on a walk and then take Whiskey on a walk. It's hard to have both dogs at the same time. Just a little chaotic. We have also been in a fitbit challenge with my brother and sister-in-law, so we have been determined to WIN! Last Friday I went about 22,000 steps to try and beat Trevor, but he outdid me with 30,000 in a day! I think for the week I had the highest I've ever had with 85,000 steps just from Monday to Friday! I'm hoping to walk this baby out!

I am slowly getting larger and's been kind of nice not having to worry about that perfect summer body because we all know that's not happening this year! HA! 
33 weeks 5 days

34 weeks
34 weeks 4 days
36 weeks
We only have a couple more weeks left!

We have been working on the nursery! are a couple sneak peeks.

Book Shelves

We had to bake some branches in order to make our mobile...but I'll wait to show pictures of that later. It's not quite ready yet. My future sister-in-law is making me some knitted sheep to hang from our mobile. I can't wait to see them myself! 

I painted this old dresser from Trevor's great grandmother's house. Fits perfect in the closet.
Look at all the clothes this spoiled little boy already has!!! Thanks to my sister-in-law he is going to be stylish!
I've had a few baby showers to go being the 4th couple that is pregnant in our life group! I can't wait for these babies to grow up together!

And we have had our fair share of ice cream!
We love Andy's!!!
And last, but not least, I have been swooning over these sweet pictures!
I cannot wait to meet him!

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