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My Family

Tuesday, January 12, 2016

All About the First Trimester

Whenever we got pregnant through January 6th

I have been writing down things that have been going on weekly and of course taking weekly photos, but I decided I didn't want to share all of that. Most of the info is just stuff I want to know and remember, so I doubt anyone would really enjoy reading 40 posts breaking down each week of my life. Haha! Plus, that would be a LOT of posts. So I decided I will just do an overview of each trimester. ;) And I can't believe I am already a week into my 2nd trimester! Seriously, time flies!

Here we go...

Baby Size: Baby M has gone through many fruit stages. :) 5 – Appleseed, 6 – Sweetpea, 7 – Blueberry, 8 – Raspberry, 9 – Green Olive, 10 – Prune, 11- Lime, 12 – Plum and 13 – Peach. The big thing to gather here is Baby M is GROWING!!! . It’s crazy to think that most of the baby’s critical systems are fully formed and now it’s just time to grow baby, grow!

My Symptoms: Not all weeks had crazy symptoms, so I’ll try and make this short and sweet.
5th – Nothing
6th – NAUSEA! I would wake up and feel so hungry, but I was too nauseated to eat. I ate a lot of saltine crackers and ginger ale.
7th – NAUSEA AND SINUS INFECTION! The only thing I could eat/drink in the morning was chocolate milk. That usually made my stomach feel a little better and it filled me up through lunchtime. I also found that when I would sit down to eat a meal, I couldn’t really eat as much as I used to. I got full much faster, but because I wasn’t eating very much at one setting, I was hungry about every 2 hours. I also came down with a sinus infection this week. I have been coughing a lot, my throat hurts from coughing, I have a runny nose, sneezing, and my voice is pretty hoarse. When I talked to the doctor, she said to just use Robitussin DM and cough drops. Neither really helped.
8th – NAUSEA AND SINUS INFECTION! Still wanted chocolate milk in the morning and I couldn’t eat much at one setting. The sinus infections just got worse and the coughing was AWFUL! I even missed a couple days of work from being sick and just being exhausted from coughing all night.
9th – SINUS INFECTION!! The nausea lightened up. I still could only drink chocolate milk in the morning and I felt like I needed to eat a little snack every couple hours. 3rd week of being sick. I ended up going to the doctor on December 5th because I just couldn’t take it anymore. I found out that I could take a z-pack. So I started that on Saturday and by that night I was feeling 10 times better. I still was not close to 100%, but I was happy with any progress. The one thing that got worse were my ribs. I have been coughing so much that I have bruised my ribs.!
10th – SO TIRED!! The sinus infection was finally gone! My ribs still hurt though, but I wasn’t coughing as much, so it wasn’t bad. I’m also over having chocolate milk in the morning. It just doesn’t taste good anymore. I just “feel” hungry all the time, so I’m trying crackers and pretzels between meals to help that. I usually have some celery and peanut butter when I get home so I can try to wait until Trevor gets home to eat dinner. If it were up to me, I would eat dinner at like 4! I also have been sooooo tired! We have silent reading time shortly after lunch and I seriously almost fall asleep every day at this time. Also, when I get home from work, if I sit on the couch I am done for. I have to keep moving or I just fall asleep on the couch.  
11th – SO TIRED!! And because I am so tired it seems like all I want is carbs when it’s time to eat because I want some energy. I also just crave a “full meal,” something hearty and filling! I definitely took full advantage of the first week of Winter Break sleeping in and taking naps.
12th - SO TIRED!! Nothing crazy.
13th - Still a little tired, but I can tell that it’s slowly getting better. Nothing crazy this week!

Weight: I honestly refuse to weigh myself at home. I think it all just depends on how you feel. Based on the doctor’s appointments, I believe I have gained 2 and ½ pounds over the 1st Trimester.

Gender: We are actually NOT going to find out the gender! It will be the biggest SURPRISE on July 7th…or whenever s/he decides to make an appearance. Gender neutral nursery here we come! So excited about this decision
Names: We are actually not sharing names! :) Again, super excited about this decision. We have basically decided on names if we have a boy or a girl, but we have enjoyed keeping it to ourselves.

Maternity Clothes: Never had to wear any maternity clothes, thank goodness. I would really like to get by with buying as little maternity clothes as possible. I’m sure I will have to buy some staple pieces eventually.

Movement: Nothing yet.

Sleep: I have always been a great sleeper, so this hasn’t changed yet. Thank goodness! At this point, I usually have to get up in the middle of the night to pee (tmi??) but I have no problem falling right back asleep!

Cravings: I have not had any crazy or unusual cravings, but there are definitely things I want more than others. For a while all I could drink in the morning was chocolate milk. I crave ice cream, but that is nothing new. I probably just give into that craving a little more than usual. The only unusual thing I have been wanting is pickles. I’ve always liked pickles, but not to this extent! And I am always thirsty. I have water with me all the time and I prefer to just crunch on some ice.

Work Outs: I was pretty good at first and would get up about 3 mornings before work and get on the elliptical. But that slowly died down, especially when I came down with the sinus infection. That had me down and out for over 3 weeks. And then came the crazy tiredness. So basically I am failing in this department right now. I hope to change that during the 2nd trimester.

Best Pregnancy Moment: We have had a lot of cool pregnancy moments, but the best part so far is just sharing the news with our family and friends. It has been so uplifting and exciting to have the amount of love and support that we have been given. We were already excited, but everyone we have told has joined us in celebrating and it has made it all very heartwarming! It makes me smile and tear up all at the same time! J

Goals for next trimester: To enjoy every moment…and try to squeeze some more workouts in my schedule. I know I will feel better if I do!

Thoughts: I am just so excited to see what our lives will look like with a baby. I’m excited to see Trevor as a “dad”! We have been together for a long time (over 11 years now) and I feel like we know each other really well, but it will be so exciting to get to see him in this new role! I am also just so thankful! I know that God has his hand in our life and he chose the perfect timing for us to get pregnant and I am just so thankful and feeling extremely blessed.

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