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My Family

Thursday, May 5, 2016

Pregnancy Brain

Trevor tells me all the time that this is not real, and really I haven't had too many incidents that could be blamed on "pregnancy brain", but this past weekend, I did!

Saturday started out like any other day....we got up and around, and then decided we wanted to make some breakfast and go on a walk. I wanted to start laundry early so we could get through it all in one day (that rarely ever happens!), so I started with the sheets. I rolled them up and threw them in the washing machine before we went on a walk and made some breakfast. When the load was done, I went in the laundry room and switched over the sheets from the washing machine to the dryer...and that's when I saw MY PHONE! My phone must have been wrapped up in the sheets when I threw them in the washing machine! I washed my phone in the washing machine!!!! This is seriously the first time I have ever destroyed a phone!

Thankfully, what could have been a terrible situation, turned out okay! I obviously had to get a new phone, but luckily we had insurance and only had to pay $79. I also hadn't backed my phone up since December, so I thought I was losing a lot of pictures/notes/etc. I had just come to terms with it when voila, everything re-appeared on my new phone! I literally didn't lose anything except a couple phone numbers that I have already replaced!

Hopefully I don't have any more "pregnancy brain" moments! I'm curious to hear if other woman who have been pregnant have had a case of the dreaded pregnancy brain!

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