My Family

My Family

Sunday, February 21, 2016

New Floors

I am absolutely loving our new hardwood floors! Here is a picture of our living room...

And our bedroom...

I'm still looking for a rug for our bedroom, but we can't actually lay a rug down for long periods of time for about 30 days, so I have some time to find one. I'm not so sure our pups are fans of the hardwood. They are constantly sliding around and Whiskey has been sleeping in our bathroom on one of the rugs in there since we moved back in. Hopefully he'll like our new rug I eventually find. ;)

We had a lot of work to do once we moved back in. We had to reprint our baseboards and fix some paint chips in our walls, get our closets back in order, re-hang our barn door and re-hang our entertainment center, but I think everything is officially put back together!

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