My Family

My Family

Monday, December 28, 2015

Morris Christmas

Trevor and I found out the we were expecting on November 2 - I can't wait to share more about that - and we always said we would get each other a couple gifts when that day came. 

Trevor got me a second band to go on my wedding ring...
I LOVE it!!! When Trevor and I picked out the ring, the jeweler, of course, made me try it on with both bands, so I have always wanted a second band. We always said that we would get it when we get pregnant or for our 5 year anniversary. Which ever came first. 

And I got Trevor a gun safe...
Safety first! 

Since we just got each other these large gifts, we set a very small limit for our actual Christmas presents. We just died laughing because after we both opened our gifts we realized that we got each other the SAME THING!!! We just laughed for about 15 minutes after we opened our gifts. We got each other bean bags for our phones. 

Seriously, the most bizarre gift to get anyone and we both got one for each other! Trevor also got me a really pretty batter bowl and I got him a table top foosball game. We have definitely had some fun playing it. I love that each year we set aside a little time to have Christmas just the two of us. We then watched a movie and just relaxed together. 

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