My Family

My Family

Wednesday, December 2, 2015

Always behind...

I can't believe I didn't blog once in the whole month of November. I am falling behind! Honestly, we didn't have too much happen, so this (again) will just be a random post! 

Yes, I'm blogging about October in December! To start off with a bang, Trevor wore a costume to work the Friday before...Captain 'Merica!
He actually did this all on his own! I was working on something else and next thing I know, I walk in the living room to this! Haha! 

That evening we had a gender reveal party to go to and a Halloween party. 
After work we headed to our friend's house for their gender reveal. They already have a sweet boy named Chase and we found out that they are having baby boy #2!!!
Such a sweet moment! Congratulations Chad and Reagan! 

We then headed to our 1st Halloween party at our friend's Brittney and Noah's house. We initially were just going to be what we were last year, Thunderbirds and Pink Ladies, but we decided last minute to try something new. We ordered these on amazon! Thankful for Amazon Prime and free 2-day shipping!
Wine and Cheese!!! What a perfect combination!

On Saturday I sang at church...
And then we headed to our friend's Kim and Kemp's Halloween party. We were definitely trying for best costume, but we fell short! We did however win a few of the games. Trevor won the dart contest...I did come in 2nd. And I won the "how many candy corns are in this jar" and I think Trevor came in 2nd!

OSU Football:
The weekend of November 7th my brother and some of his friends flew to Tulsa for the OSU vs TCU game. Trevor and I decided that we were going to go to Stillwater to hang out with them Friday and Saturday. On Friday we drove to Stillwater and ate at my favorite restaurant, Nygoya. Then we headed to the Strip to meet up with Wes and his friends. The next day we went shopping!!! You can't go to Stillwater and not get some new OSU gear! We actually spent so much on our little shopping spree that we decided to not buy tickets to the game. We were just going to tailgate and then watch the game at the new restaurant called The Garage. 

Every year our group of friends from college get together for a Friendsgiving! The food is always amazing and the company is even better! There is never a dull moment with this group and the evening is always filled with laughter! Thank you to each and every one of you for always making life interesting! Love you all!

More Football:
On November 14th OSU played Iowa State and after the game I got this message on my phone! 
Still perfect! 10-🍊!

That evening my brother and his girlfriend were going to a work event for Katy's work. I think it was the Marine Corps Ball, and my brother made the evening even more special by popping the question!!
CONGRATUALTIONS WES AND KATY!!! I'm so excited to gain a sister!!! What an exciting day!!!!

Rustic Cuff:
On November 17th I was leading at church and the coolest thing ever happened to me. A parent of a student I have in class came up to me and handed me this beautiful Rustic Cuff bracelet and said "thank you for being the Light here at church and at school everyday for my daughter". 
Wow! Seriously, brought tears to my eyes! It says "with God nothing is impossible". What an amazing compliment and I owe it all to Him! 🙌🏻🙏🏻✨

Lip-Sync Battle:
The Tuesday before thanksgiving break we had a lip-sync battle at school. I was the drummer from Kansas! I'd say we were a success...meaning, we made students laugh! So we accomplished our goal!

I didn't get a single picture from Thanksgiving week, but we decided to go to Kansas to visit my grandma and grandpa. It was really nice just having a few days of relaxation and good company! And delicious food!! I always love going to the farm. We even got a bit of snow and ice!

On Saturday morning we got up early and got all of our Christmas decor out. We must be getting faster at putting things up because it only took us a couple hours!
I will do another post of all the decor around the house! I absolutely LOVE decorating for Christmas!!

Christmas Gifts:
It's back to a crafty month! I always like making things for people around the holidays, so I've been a busy bee! 

Key chains and much, much more!!!

I'll try not to wait so long between posts!

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