My Family

My Family

Saturday, December 19, 2015

I LOVE Christmas decor!

I always love my house around the holidays. We basically have to rearrange our whole living room to accommodate our tree, but I love it! I also love good lighting, and I think Christmas lights really lend itself to that. We always turn all of our Christmas lights on in the evenings and we don't need our actual lights at all. It just makes the room more intimate. 

These pictures might be more for myself than for sharing so I know exactly where to put things the following year! ;)

Our entry way

A little thanksgiving and Christmas. I think Trevor grandfather made the snowman guy. 

Part of our kitchen. I love our undermounted lights. The paintings at the top were something Trevor and I did last year. I love them!

We have to have a little OSU mixed in!!

Our table. I just fell in love with these placemats a few years ago and I can't part with them! My grandpa made the candle holder in the center of the table. And at this point I'm surprised our poinsettias are still alive! 

Seriously love this moose!! He has camo pants on so I thought Trevor would approve. I was a little nervous what Winston would think and a little afraid he would attack it. It took a few days to warm up to the moose, but I think Winston has finally adjusted. 

I love our nativity seen! It's the reason for the season!

I love my Christmas tree and obviously the pups do too!

Our entertainment center. It serves as a "mantle" as well since we don't have one! 

I really need to come up with a new Christmas card system. The top of our refrigerator is overloaded! I have an idea, but no time to make one. It's on the agenda for next year. We are LOVING all the Christmas cards though! It makes getting the mail everyday really exciting!

I hope everyone has a MERRY CHRISTMAS!!!! 🎄🎁🙌🏻

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