My Family

My Family

Thursday, December 17, 2015

Lifegroup Christmas!!

We seriously have the BEST Lifegroup!! We have made friendships that will last a lifetime! We decided to have a Lifegroup Christmas party on December 5th and Trevor and I decided to host it at our house. I was a bit nervous for a few reasons...we have 12 people in our group and our table only accommodates 5! So we had to borrow a table from our neighbors and we ended up doing a boy table and a girl table. It may have turned out to be more fun that way! ;) Another reason I was nervous was because I wanted to have all our Christmas decor up before we had people over and Trevor and I only had about a 3 hour window to get everything done. Thankfully, we are getting faster at putting up Christmas decor and it only took a couple hours. Last reason I was nervous, we have been so busy we hadn't had a chance to really deep clean our house in awhile, so I knew we had some work ahead of us. But, everything turned out perfect! 

Everyone brought some food for dinner. We had turkey, mashed potatoes, cream corn, rolls, green beans, salad, a strawberry salad, and AMAZING desserts. Seriously, these girls can cook! And thank you to Trevor for smoking the turkey. 

After dinner we played dirty Santa. None of the gifts were too bad, and Trevor and I ended up with an ice scraper for our car (which we REALLY needed) and a Starbucks gift card! 

I ended up making everyone microwave bowl holders and sadly, I didn't take any pictures of them! But here is the fabric I used:  

I have also gotten several texts of everyone using their bowl holders! It makes my heart happy to know they are coming in use! 

Also, check out the awesome gift that a girl in our group made us all. 
She made the Morris sign at the top! Seriously added to our wall collage! If you like it and want a custom one for yourself, find Reagan Relics on Facebook or Instagram. ;)

After gifts, we played Battle of the Sexes! The girls started out just crushing the boys, but sadly they made a come back and beat us. I think we own them something, but I won't be reminding them of this! ;) 

These couples have seriously become some of our best friends! Each couple brings something special to group each week and Trevor and I have learned so much through you. Thank you for your love and support! We love doing life with you all!!

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