My Family

My Family

Thursday, January 22, 2015

The Automobile Chronicles (Part 2)

You can view The Automobile Chronicles (Part 1) here!!

We are so excited about our new car!!
To be completely honest, it was very bittersweet! I absolutely LOVED my Jeep Wrangler, and I wasn't completely sure on the thought of giving it up, but when it came down to it, we decided to trade it in!

Oh the Golden Goddess...
I loved loved loved my jeep!! That was the first car I owned and I always knew I would have another one. I still have that mind set. I know I will have another one, one day! We have had this jeep awhile, so there are lots of great memories from it, but I think my favorite was this past summer. I think it was a Sunday evening and the weather was just PERFECT. We had the top off (perfect for being a teacher because we usually left the top off all summer!) and we just wanted to go driving around. We put our favorite songs on and just drove around. It was just a fun, almost surreal evening. I can't even explain it, but when we were driving I just felt like everything in the world was perfect and in place! That might have been one of the last times we drove around with the top off! 

Now onto the HONDA PILOT! A friend of mine was in the car with us when we bought it and said "from Golden Goddess to Snow White" and it stuck!! I love my new Snow White!!
I am loving driving it so favorite part: HEATED SEATS!! I'm also loving XM Radio!! I don't think I knew what I was missing!! 

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