My Family

My Family

Sunday, February 8, 2015

Weekend Getaway!

I have been looking forward to this trip for about a month and it was beyond my expectations!! 

What triggered this getaway, you might be asking? Trevor and I read a book called The Circle Maker with our LifeGroup last month and it really sparked something in us! Here is a snippet of what the book is about: "Drawing prayer circles around our dreams isn't just a mechanism whereby we accomplish great things for God. It's a mechanism whereby God accomplishes great things in us. Do you ever sense that there's far more to prayer, and God's vision for your life, than what you're experiencing? What impossibly big dream is God calling you to draw a prayer circle around?" That was basically the back of the book cover. Towards the end of the book, the author, Mark Batterson, shared his goals. If you don't have big dreams or big goals than you probably do not have anything to pray circles around. That's when we realized we wanted to make life goals. We probably didn't need an expensive cabin on a lake to do it, but we felt like if this was going to be the start of something big, we wanted the perfect ambiance to do it in! And that is exactly what we got!!

We left Tulsa Friday after we both got off work and headed to Arkansas. I knew it was going to be beautiful when we pulled in and this was our view...
Seriously, so beautiful!!

When we arrived we got checked in and settled in. 

Once we got settled in we headed into Eureka Springs for dinner. We ate dinner at a Mexican restaurant called Amigos. Then we headed back to our cabin for the night. 

On Saturday we slept in a bit and just slowly got our morning started. This was what I woke up to...

We brewed some coffee and we brought stuff to make banana bread. After we got up and around we decided to make our goals! From that point forward we went back to them several times throughout the rest of the weekend, but this is when we spent the bulk of the time on them.  

We made some lunch, avocado, pineapple, and chicken quesadillas. Delish! After lunch OSU was playing, so of course I let Trevor watch the game! I read my book while he was watching! It was so beautiful outside that we just opened up the door and let all the natural air in! It was seriously perfect weather!! 

After the game we went down to the dock where they have indoor fishing, a paddle boat, boats to rent, etc! We just kind of sat on the dock and enjoyed the atmosphere!

That evening we went to the front office and got a couple movies. We ended up watching Lone Survivor. Definitely not the most romantic of movies, but we both wanted to watch it. 

After the movie we cooked some dinner! Trevor grilled some steaks and I make asparagus, mashed potatoes and cheddar bay biscuits! Everything was amazing! I loved spending the whole day in the cabin and not leaving! Sometimes you just need one of those days!!

The next morning we, again, slowly got up and around! We drank some coffee, ate some breakfast and enjoyed each other's company! We also made a new friend!

I was definitely a little sad to leave!
It was definitely a weekend to remember!! 

Before we left Arkansas, we headed to Eureka Springs for some brunch. We ate brunch at Local Flavor and then drove around the town! Next time we will actually walk around and enjoy it, but that day we just drove around. We even drove up to see the largest Jesus statue. 

Such an amazing trip!! I definitely think we will be visiting Beaver Lakefront Cabins again!! And I definitely recommend it to anyone looking for a little get away!! So romantic! I am also so excited for the goals that we have set!! Some of them are really going to challenge us and I can't wait!! I truly think these will make us so much stronger as a couple! I also think it will bring us closer than we've ever been! I am just loving this life of ours!

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