My Family

My Family

Sunday, September 14, 2014


Stillwater two weekends in a row!! Just a little heaven on earth!! 
I was excited for this game day, more so than last week, because kickoff wasn't until 6! Thank heavens for a day to sleep in!! 
Trevor and Andrew headed to Stillwater at about 5am to do a little dove hunting before a day of tailgating. A friend of mine posted this picture on Facebook and it is so funny how true it is!! 
The night before, the boys had attended Whiskey Well Saturday morning, I'm sure, was an early one! But this photo still applies! Trevor will hit snooze 7 times before getting up for work, but it goes off once (at 4am) for hunting and he is up and at 'em!! Speaking of Whiskey Well...the boys made the BOK Facebook page!! 

Needless to say, Katie and I did not go to Stillwater at 5am. We met the boys in Stillwater at about 12:30 and got our tailgate set up! This week we had BBQ chicken, queso, jalapeño poppers, assortment of deliciousness!! It was just an awesome day getting to hang out with friends and an even better day to be a Cowboy!!

I'd say these people/dogs are truly dedicated fans!!
If we ever do this to Winston and Whiskey, please, someone, stop us! Or plan an intervention for us! This is just too much!


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