My Family

My Family

Monday, September 1, 2014


Labor Day weekend was definitely a success!! We got to spend our time with friends on a houseboat on the lake. It doesn't get much better than that!! PS- there is no need to explain the title or the first just had to be there. 

There was a group of 10 of us (5 couples): me and Trevor, our neighbors Randy and Cassie, our other neighbors Jason and Morghan, our friends from college Andrew and Katie, and their friends Brett and Cana. We went to Lake Ouachita in Arkansas. We have done this trip before with a different group of friends, however, the last time we came it was freezing outside...the weather was much better this go around. We drove down on Friday afternoon and we were on the water by Friday evening. Trevor wanted to be the head chef again, so we went grocery shopping and made the meal menu: breakfast burritos in the mornings and hamburgers and BBQ chicken for dinners. The last night we did a fish fry with okra and corn dodgers (thanks Randy and Cassie). All of the girls made their specialty dishes which included a LOT of yummy dips! We all ate our way through some cream cheese! Seriously though, these ladies can cook!   We ate like kings and queens!
We spent a lot of the time in the water just floating around, we got in the hot tub on the top deck a few times, we played some Catch Phrase and Battle of the Sexes, we spent a little time cooking and lot of time eating and just had a great relaxing getaway!! Here are some pictures of our amazing weekend!! 

Saturday was OSU's season kick-off and we definitely didn't forget our orange!! The houseboat has a TV on it, so we made sure to be docked and ready for the game by 7! Pistols Firing!!!

Group Selfie!!!

Prior to leaving on the trip we had discussed all doing a fantasy football league. So, on Sunday evening we decided to do a live draft! 
Probably the best way to do a draft- on a posterboard on the lake!! 

This is definitely not my thing, so I was thankful for Trevor helping me out (making all of my picks!

The sunset was beautiful every single night!!!

Such an fun weekend with the best company!! We seriously have the most amazing friends!! Thank you to everyone for making it such an enjoyable and laughter filled trip!
But now I'm definitely looking forward to sleeping in my own bed, celebrating Whiskey's birthday and snuggling up with Winston!! 

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