My Family

My Family

Sunday, September 28, 2014

Live for the Weekends

I love everything about the weekends!! Occasionally we get to sleep in, we get to see family and friends, we get to spend time together, the list goes on and on...
This past weekend was fun filled with events! Friday night Trevor and I had a date night just the two of us! Those don't happen very often, so I was super excited!! We went to Cheesecake Factory and rented a redbox. 

The next morning was an early one. We signed up to run the Race for the Cure 5k awhile back and Saturday was the day! The race started at 7:30, so we got downtown about 7:15. 

Our shirts were ones that our friend Morghan and her family made in honor of her mom that battled breast cancer and recently passed away. It is heartbreaking the number of families that are affected by breast cancer. Running this 5k is so inspiring because many survivors come out and run and so many people show their support. One of the best parts to me is as you are running, getting to read everyone's shirts and who they are running for. 
We didn't stick around to see our exact times, but I'm pretty sure I was about the same as last year and Trevor made it under 30 minutes!!

After the race we went to breakfast at BBD and then went home and took a long nap! 

That night we had bought tickets for McNellies Harvest Beer Fest! We went last year and had a great time catching up with friends, so we wanted to go again this year. 

After, we ate dinner at Albert G's BBQ and then danced a bit at Legends before making our way home. 

Today, Winnie and I have a date on the couch!! ;) Then lifechurch this evening! If you haven't made it to a service yet, you have 3 more opportunities!! 1:00, 5:00, and 6:30! #struggles

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