My Family

My Family

Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Southern Pecan Coffee

There is a little place in Broken Arrow called Espress Oh! and Trevor and I just love it! They have really good doughnuts- that I try not to eat very often- that might have been a lie! ;) And there really is nothing special about their coffee but it is amazing!!! They don't make a bunch of specialty drinks like Rocket Brothers and Starbucks, but their coffee blends are just fantastic! They are so good that the last time Trevor and I were in there we decided to buy a case of their Southern Pecan blend and it just came in!!

Yayyyy!! I was so excited to make my yummy coffee this morning! 

If you are ever in BA, stop by this little place and grab some coffee! You won't be disappointed! Or come on by our house because we will be making some every morning! ;) ☕️

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