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My Family

Wednesday, April 4, 2012


Also known as One Tree Hill!

This has literally been my favorite show since I can remember! I started watching it right when it started in 2003 and I haven't missed an episode since. If they have a trivia game over OTH, you can bet your bottom that I would win and I probably wouldn't miss a single question....ask Trevor...he has definitely had to watch his fair share of episodes! I own every season (except for the one currectly on TV right now; which I also plan on purchasing!).

Well tonight will be its final episode! I realize it has been going on for a long time, and I admit, they probably should have wrapped things up last year, but it is still weird knowing that there will be no more new episodes after tonight! I feel like I am closing a chapter with One Tree Hill. They had a great run with 9 seasons!

Although I truly like every character on the show, I definitely had my favorites!

Haley is my all time favorite character (Bethany Joy Lenz). You find out in the first season that she sings, so that was already a way for me to relate to her. She has a really unique voice and I really enjoy listening to her...I'm still waiting for her CD to come out! She also ended up marrying Nathan at a really young age...not that Trevor and I got married at a young age, but we definitely started dating at a young age. Liking her meant liking her and Nathan as a couple...
They are the couple that made me come back every week and watch the show!

I enjoyed watching new characters come into the picture as the seasons went on, but I enjoyed the original cast the most.

Fairwell One Tree Hill!

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