My Family

My Family

Monday, April 23, 2012

Hard to Keep Up!

So much happens in a day that it is hard to keep up with all the progress on the house. The big things they have done are: we now have garage doors, they have tiled the entry hall, bathrooms, kitchen and laundry room, we now have a back patio, we have doors, and they have put our cabinets in the kitchen and bathrooms! Here are the pics!

We now have a drive way! WARNING: Our garage doors will not be white!!!

tile with no cabinets
entry way tile
Kitchen with no cabinets

Our back patio
YAY! We have cabinets! This is not the color of the cabinets!

spare bathroom

We now have doors!!!
It's coming together quite nicely! We cannot wait! Exactly one month until closing!!!!
Coming up this week: they are painting the inside and outside!!! We will be busy this weekend because we are painting the trim on the outside ourselves! ;)

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