My Family

My Family

Monday, April 9, 2012


This weekend just went way too fast. On Friday evening Trevor and I went to a dinner for his work at Mahogany's. It was delicious! (I would rank them better than Flemings!) I highly recommend getting dessert if you choose to dine there...they are all AMAZING! But they are really large...we still haven't finished ours!
We were just being silly in the car!

I just LOVE him!
On Saturday we did some work on the house (an update on that soon), and then went out to Trevor's mom's house to have dinner with his family. Trevor's nephew and sister-in-law are in town from Florida, so we got some Wyatt time! ;)
Wyatt riding around in his truck!
Since Easter was the following day we decided to dye some eggs!
Trevor dying his egg Orange!

Me dying my egg purple!
Crystal and Wyatt!

Pretty eggs!
On Easter Sunday we visited Life Church in Broken Arrow. We are currently looking for a church and since we are getting ready to move soon, we have been planning that Easter be our weekend to start the search! If you have any churches that you would suggest around the Broken Arrow area, we would love your recommendation.

Overall, we had a wonderful and relaxing weekend! The best weekends are those that we spend with family and on Easter we visited three different families! Although we were running around all day, we enjoyed getting to see so many people!

Now onto testing this week with my kiddos!
Have a great week!

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