My Family

My Family

Monday, November 21, 2011

Great Saturday Night

On Saturday after I took the test I mentioned last time, one of my best friends in the world came in town, Nichole! We met and had lunch at Olive Garden with another friend and then we came back to my house and got ready for a pledge sister's wedding! We had such a great time. The wedding was so elegant and the reception was a lot of fun with some great dancing!
The three of us...just like ole' times! ;)

What a pretty cake!
I keep seeing these tree things for centerpieces and I love them!!

With the lovely Bride and Groom

All the single ladies...since I'm not in this category anymore, I was snapping pictures! ;)

My handsome date!!
We had such a great time and got to chat with a lots of friends we hadn't seen in awhile!

Congrats to Shrease and Brandon!

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