My Family

My Family

Thursday, November 28, 2019

Gender Reveal

As we got closer and closer to finding out the gender, I was getting more and more set on hoping this baby was a girl. We had all intentions of finding out WITH our family, but I was getting a little afraid of my reaction if it happened to be another boy. Haha! This child would be SO LOVED either way, but for some reason my heart was becoming more and more set on a girl. To be honest, before getting pregnant, I loved the idea of having 3 boys, so my heart change was a little odd. Anyway, I told Trevor a few weeks before we found out that I really wanted to find out with him alone and then that night we would do something fun for our families. He didn't love the idea, but I came up with a fun way so he was okay with it. 

I knew I didn't want to just find out in the doctor's office, so we had our doctor put it in an envelope and we went to this cute little store in Utica Square called Lolly Garden. We picked out a boy outfit and a girl outfit and then had the lady working look at the ultrasound and only ring up the one that matched the ultrasound gender. We went and waited outside so we would have no idea which one she rang up. She even wrapped it up for us and made it so special.

What will it be???

SO excited!!!
We planned to go to a Mexican restaurant to open it because this baby is due on Cindo de Mayo (HA) but I didn't want to drive all the way to BA to go to Los Cabos which is where Trevor chose, so we just went to Peppers at Utica Square. This was perfect because Peppers was our first date almost 15 years ago! 

I honestly thought it was going to be a boy and was COMPLETELY shocked when I opened it up and saw the cute girl onesie and bow that we picked out in the bag!! We got the whole thing on video and you can totally see the shock and complete JOY on my face! I couldn't figure out how to add a video here.

A few weeks before this I was talking to Trevor about a cool, totally made up, cake idea on how to surprise our family. The next day I'm on Instagram and this ad shows up in my stories with a Surprise Cake ad. This is basically what I was describing to Trevor and I didn't know anything like this even existed. I of course bought it! Haha! The day before the reveal I made the cake and got everything ready, so all we had to do was stuff the cylinder in the middle with something blue or pink after we found out. 

We first had a couple twists and turns for our family. They didn't know we had a cake, so we initially sent them on a scavenger hunt looking for clues which led them to this cool cake. 

The cake was just a vanilla cake, not pink or blue, but this cool cylinder popped out when you pulled the lever. We stuffed the cute onesie and pink bow in there. 

Brooks has been telling me since the beginning that he wants a sister. He always said "I already have a brother, I don't need another one!" I'm so glad I didn't have to disappoint him!! HAHA! 
We are so excited to meet you sweet girl!!!
We had such a fun day finding out together and then getting to tell our families! We can't wait to meet you Holland Rose!!! 

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