My Family

My Family

Wednesday, October 10, 2018

Pumpkins and Pies Birthday Party


I loved getting to celebrate this little boy yesterday and having all the attention on him. 

A couple days before the party I took some birthday pictures.

He has been a bit moody this past week, so these pictures were actually a struggle. I'm surprised we got this many good ones! Haha!

For the party we made a TON of chili and cornbread and then had an array of different pies! It's fall, who needs cake!


We had everyone paint a pumpkin or decorate with stickers. The weather was crazy and basically hailed all day, so I was nervous all our outdoor activities wouldn't work. Thankfully the weather calmed down during the party and we were able to open up our big doors and have an indoor/outdoor party.




Due Date Buds!

So sweet! 


So excited about being ONE!

Happy Baby!

I did not get a picture of all the desserts...but we had pumpkin pie cake, blueberry crumble, pecan pie in a jar, apple pie in a jar, coconut cream pie and chocolate pie! Like I said, who needs cake when you can have PIE!

Both boys got a car for their 1st birthdays. These pictures were both taken 1 day before their first birthday....I really don't think they look alike! Haha!

Lifegroup kiddos...missing Graham and 3 babies on the way! Haha!

Happy Birthday Rhett! We love you sweet boy!

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