My Family

My Family

Monday, October 8, 2018

Rhett is 12 Months

I can't believe this little man is already 1 year old. This was the fastest year to date! When I look back at pictures of us in the hospital, it feels like yesterday! 

Little man is growing and learning new things every day. 
*We have 7 teeth still. 4 on top and 3 on bottom.
*He wants to walk holding one of my hands ALL THE TIME. Last month he really didn't have any interest in this, but this month is a whole new story. He will be walking any day now and running after his brother.
*We completely took bottles away and it has been an adjustment. He is basically mad every time he sees a cup instead of a bottle and it's a 10 minutes meltdown before he just breaks down and drinks it. 
*We also switched to milk instead of formula. Again, that's been an adjustment too! Haha! 
*He is really starting to mimic sounds which I LOVE! He says "mama" and "bubu" really well. You can tell who he spends most of his time with! Haha!

Game Day!!!

Love these little readers! 

He wanted to be just like dad! 


Taking Grizzly for a ride

Some days they do play well together! :)

Love this picture for so many reasons!

Me and Brooks went on a nature walk and enjoyed following this little guy

Little man is learning to drive! Haha!

I love EVERYTHING about this picture!! Haha! Such a cute personality! 

Walks to the mailbox

I have the CUTEST niece! 

Cleaning Grizzly's ears of course! 

S'mores night!

Love this fun area!

Brooks asked to take a picture with Bubby. I couldn't resist! 

Love these two happy fellas! 

Brooks loved that he got balloons and all sorts of other goodies at the dentist! 

Swing time!

We love the Gathering Place 

I think we are about to have lots of fun at Granddaddy and Gigi's!

The day he refused to take a nap in his crib! Ha! 

I finally completed my 8 week workout program and this guy was there all along cheering me on!...or watching Moose on the iPad! Haha!


SMALL FOOT! We had so much fun with the boys at the drive-in theatre!

I'm loving this stage of life and LOVING having two boys! Life is so sweet! Some days are really hard and Brooks is in a challenging stage of not listening very well, but we are working through it. And Rhett had more cranky days that normal this month, which really shows me where I'm lacking in the patience department, but we are all a work in progress!

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