My Family

My Family

Sunday, June 10, 2018

7 Favorites from Year 7!

On June 4th Trevor and I celebrated 7 years of marriage! It was an exciting and LIFE CHANGING year! It was also the year for a lot of beginnings, so I'm excited to see where those beginnings will take us! 

For our Anniversary we went and got a couples massage, then Trevor took me to get a pedi. I have been needing one but couldn't seem to squeeze it in my schedule. Then we went to a local sushi restaurant that was DELICIOUS! It's called Caribbean Sushi. If you are in the Tulsa//Broken Arrow area, definitely check it out. It's not your typical anniversary ambiance, but that was perfect for us. We like finding simple hidden gems. We then went and drove around and just talked. It was the perfect anniversary in my eyes!

yes, we devoured this whole thing! 

1. Our baby turning 1

2. Moving into our forever home. 

3. Welcoming baby Rhett into our family

4. Bringing in our 30th Birthdays in a fun way

5. Trevor starting a new job at EDC and me joining UBAM! Who thought we'd work for the same company, just completely different sides of it!

6. Florida

7. Our weekly date nights/working out together

Here's to year 8!

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