My Family

My Family

Wednesday, January 31, 2018

January Date Nights 2018

This has been a fantastic month full of fun dates. We started the year of with a bang and I am excited to see what all is in store for date nights. I can honestly say this has been one of the best things for our marriage, especially now having two little ones. It is so important to find ways to connect and be just husband and wife. Only one of our dates this month even cost money. It has been fun to get creative and experience new things together.

January 4th: 18 Goals for 2018 (sorry, I blacked out a couple that involved other people that may not want that information shared. :))

January 11th: Wahoo! We had a game night and one of our favorites is WAHOO! You can probably guess who is ALWAYs orange, so by default, I am always yellow. Fun fact: Trevor has an OLD wahoo game board that was his great grandmas (I think). Well, it has been played sooooo much that it is falling apart. So, two years ago we finally broke down and bought this neat OSU board. Plus, it came with the orange and black marbles and die.

June 18th: We moved to the 19th because we were doing stuff with friends. Trevor and I went to SkyZone and then we met up with some friends for dinner at Rooftop. I was so sore the next day after jumping for an hour. Haha!

June 25th: Hot tub and crossword puzzles. I didn't get any pictures of this one. I actually had to run an errand after we got the boys down and when I got home, my bathing suit and a towel were laid out and Trevor was waiting for me in the hot tub. It was a fun evening!

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