My Family

My Family

Wednesday, May 3, 2017

Girls Weekend in OKC

The last two weekends I have been out of town for different things. The first weekend I was gone was the last weekend in April. A small group of us went on a moms getaway trip. All of us used to be in a life group together until one moved to Fort Worth, TX. We all 4 were pregnant at the time and have babies within about 3 months of each other. One of the girls' husbands planned the whole trip, so we were just along for the ride! It was so nice to get away and see our amazing husbands take charge of the babies for the weekend. We really are lucky to have all married such amazing men!

Our initial plan was to lay out in the sun and relax most of the weekend, however, a torrential rain took over our weekend, so laying out by the pool in the sunshine was out of the question. So we ended up eating at some fun unique places, shopping, and just enjoying each others company without little people hanging on our arms! :)

On Friday night we got in town kind of late, so we ate dinner at Charleston's because it was so close to our hotel and then stayed up talking 'til wayyyyy too late that night!

On Saturday we woke up late and took our time getting ready. The storm was awful on Friday night, so most of us were awake at various times throughout the night. We really thought the tree outside our window might end up in our room and our TV kept flickering off and on which was super bizarre. However, morning came and we were all safe. So we got ready and then headed to brunch. The whole city seemed desolate in the morning. Trees were down everywhere, none of the lights were working, lots of roads and highways were closed, it was a bit scary. Plus, it was still raining most of the day on Saturday.

We went downtown to a place called Kitchen No 324 to have brunch. It was extremely busy because most of downtown had apparently lost power. We probably only waited about 30 minutes and then we're seated, but we drank some delicious coffee while we waited.

The food was delicious!
That afternoon we just wanted to stay out of the rain, so we went to the mall to go shopping. I think we all got some goodies. We also stopped at a couple other cute home decor places to get some fun ideas for our homes. That evening we went and got pedi's, ate dinner at a pizza place (can't remember the name) and topped off our evening with ice cream of course!

While we were all off in OKC, the guys were home in Tulsa determined to have a poker night. They all took their babies over to the Carroll's, made dinner with the babies, put the babies down, had their poker night and all slept over! They pulled it off successfully! Here are the couple pictures that Trevor sent me from that night.
Trying to climb stairs, of course!
Bath time with friends! :)
The next morning we slept in again (what else is there to do when you don't have a baby!), took our time getting ready and then headed to Panera for some breakfast. I had to get back to Tulsa to lead at church, so we had to leave shortly after breakfast. 

It was so much fun to get away, be on our own schedule, sleep in and get ready slowly without worrying about a little one. However, I sure missed this cutie!
It's funny, most of the weekend we were sharing funny stories about our little ones. Even though it was a get away trip, we caught ourselves constantly talking about these little humans that have taken over our lives! I guess that's what happens when you have little ones! And it doesn't hurt that these beautiful woman have the cutest babies!!! (They are also the BEST moms I know!!!!)

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