My Family

My Family

Wednesday, March 1, 2017

Brooks is 8 Months!

How is this cutie already 8 months old! This has been a fun month watching his little personality grow. 

Here are our weekly photos:


It's getting more and more difficult to take these pictures because he keeps wanting to grab the blocks and put them in his mouth. Everything goes straight for the mouth!

Brooks has become a master roller. Who needs crawling when you can roll your way to everything. 

We still have 0 teeth and there doesn't seem to be any on the horizon. 

He is a wild man in his walker. He is almost to the point of tipping it over when he rams into the rug. He LOVES to chase all the dogs in this thing, I'm not sure the dogs share in that excitement. 

We call him our little piglet. He LOVES food. If we are sitting at the table, he is no longer content playing with toys or being in his walker. He wants to be at the table with us, eating with us. He will seriously yell at us until he is seated at the table with something in front of him to eat. 

He loves to walk while holding onto our fingers. He would chase Winston everywhere if we would let him. 

He has started reaching up to us when he wants to be held. (I love this!!)

He loves his stroller and going for walks. 

We finally got his tree swing hung that he got for Christmas from his great grandpa!



 Sometimes we use Snapchat to entertain us! 

His smile is contagious! 

"Was I not supposed to get every toy out?"


Poor little guy...February 11th was the first time Brooks ran a fever. Of course, Trevor was out of town, so I was up most of the night with him. 

When I took him to the doctor she thought he had just caught a virus and we just needed to wait it out. 

We spent a lot of time snuggled up! 

Thankfully, his fever was gone by the 14th and he seemed to be better. He struggled sleeping those nights, but after his fever was gone, sleeping went back to normal. 

On February 18th, Brooks went to his first OSU basketball game. For Christmas we bought Trevor's mom and stepdad tickets to bedlam, so the 5 of us made the trip to Stillwater and had a great time!


 We LOVE swinging and being outside. 

We took family photos...I'll share those in a different post, but here's a sneak peak!
He's so precious!! Trevor and I are actually off to St. Thomas today for my brother's wedding so sweet baby Brooks is home with Grandma and Papa! I'm sure going to miss him, but I am definitely looking forward to some time with Trevor baby free!

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