My Family

My Family

Friday, January 22, 2016

The Last Few Weekends

The weekend of January 8th-10th we had some amazing friends come into town. Our friends Adam and Lisa came to visit from OKC. Adam and Lisa used to work with Trevor and they recently moved to OKC to work for Devon. We haven't seen them in awhile, so it was so nice to hang out and catch up. On Friday night we made chili at our house and just had a hang out night. We also played a lot of Wahoo! I had never played prior to this night, so I had fun learning although my strategy was not on par.

The next day we got up, made waffles and then headed to a home and garden type show at the convention center. It wasn't very big, so we walked through pretty quickly. We were glad we had free tickets and didn't actually pay to get in. Haha! We then went to Panera and got some lunch. At this point, the boys and the girls split. Lisa and I went to get our nails done and then went to the movie Joy. The boys went and...who knows what they did and then went and saw the movie Revenant. We planned it so our movies would get over about the same time so we could head to dinner. Trevor and Adam had made a bet over the Bedlam game. If OSU won, the Moody's would take us to a steak dinner. If OU won then we would take the Moody's to a steak dinner. Well, it was obviously our treat this year! So off to Molly's Landing we went. It was amazing! I've never had anything bad there. When we got back to our house we decided to try a new game that Trevor and I got for Christmas called telestrations. It was a blast! If you are looking for a new game to try/buy I definitely recommend this one! We stayed up past midnight playing...which is super late if you know me! 

The next morning we decided brunch would be the best way to end our weekend, so we tried the new place in BA called Toast. It was pretty good, I definitely would like to go back and try some more things on the menu. 

Thanks for an amazing weekend Moody's!!!! Sadly this is the only picture we took all weekend!

The weekend of January 15th-17th was pretty relaxing. On Friday morning we had no plans for Friday night so we decided to draw a a Popsicle stick from our Christmas gift last year for a date night. We drew Puzzle Night. So after work we headed to Walmart for a puzzle. Well, you can't do a puzzle without a card we bought one of those too! 

This is how far we got Friday we have a long way to go!

After puzzling for hours we decided to start the documentary Making a Murderer. We are hooked! 

On Saturday we did some shopping and then went to this pretty girls birthday party! 
I had to leave early because I was leading at church Saturday evening. And after church I had plans for a girls dinner. There was a group of 6 of us that went to Tallgrass Prairie Table. The food was of course delicious, the company was even better! 

On Sunday Trevor went hunting and I sang at this place!
That night we watched some more Making a Murderer and kept on puzzling. 
I think the rest of the puzzle is going to be really hard!

This weekend has been pretty relaxing! Wow, I see a pattern developing. Busy busy weeks, relaxing weekends! We went to dinner with our amazing neighbors last night at Andolinis, and went baby dresser shopping today. Here are the ones we like so far. 

The first one is my favorite, I'm just waiting for the guy to come down on his price! We'll see what happens in the next couple weeks. Tonight we've got a sushi date with some friends we haven't seen in awhile. So excited to try a new restaurant. 

Definitely not the most interesting post, but we are loving life right now and enjoying our time as just a family of 2. We are so excited to see our family grow and the changes that will come with that. 

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