My Family

My Family

Thursday, January 14, 2016

How We Told Our Family

Telling our parents was definitely a highlight. We had initially planned to wait a while before telling anyone, but our brothers were both in town for different reasons the weekend after we found out and we knew that we wouldn't get to tell them in person if we didn't tell them then. We also didn't want to tell our siblings before we told our parents, so we spilled the beans pretty early to them. 

My brother was in town because of the OSU vs TCU game. So, on Friday, November 6th we were headed to Stillwater because we had plans to tailgate and go to the game with my brother that Saturday. Since we were planning on staying in Stillwater Friday night my parents had volunteered to babysit Winston. We figured this was a great time to tell them because we knew we wanted to incorporate Winston in our big reveal (they consider Winston their grand dog, so it was only fitting). We got to their house and ended up chatting for about 30 minutes. When we were about to leave to head to Stillwater I pretended that I left Winston's jersey in the car (he always wears his OSU jersey for games, so he had to wear it while we were gone) so we went out to the car to get it. Here is what was attached to it. 
So Winston came running in the house and my parents eventually got him to calm down so they could read the sign. They were ecstatic!

I wish I could upload the video of them on here, but I haven't figured out how to do that! :( so this picture will have to do. 

That night we got to Stillwater and had plans to meet Wes and his friends at Murphy's. I had to pretend to drink a beer for about an hour before we told him. We waited until Wes needed a beer and Trevor said he'd get the next round. We delivered my brother's beer in a baby bottle. He was very confused for a minute or so until it finally dawned on him! I think he was more shocked than excited, but it eventually turned into excitement! 

On November 7th we got up, went shopping for some new OSU gear and then headed to the tailgate. We hung out in Stillwater until about half way through the game and then headed back to Tulsa to Trevor's mom's house. Trevor's brother and family were all in town, so it was perfect. When we first got there, his mom wasn't home, so we snuck around and got the scene ready. 
A bun in the oven. 
It seriously couldn't have worked out any better. When Trevor's mom came home she said that if we were hungry we could heat up a lasagna in the oven that they had earlier. We told her we were going to but something else was in the oven. She kept telling us that nothing should be in the oven and then she walked over to see what it was. 
She probably said "why is there a bun in the oven?" 5 times before it clicked and she realized what we were trying to say. Everyone else was in the living room so we kind of told everyone at once. 

The next day Trevor's dad and Beverly were eating at Louie's and we were out riding the bike, so we met them at Louie's and chatted for a bit. When we were about to leave we said "well the 3 of us are going to go riding for a bit."  Beverly caught on right away and Trevor's dad figured it out shortly after!

It was really fun coming up with a unique way to tell everyone. And we just loved that everyone was so supportive and shared in our excitement! I know that Baby M is going to be LOVED! 

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