My Family

My Family

Thursday, February 13, 2014

Best Valentine's Day Present Ever!!

Although Winston turned 5 in December, today is our 5 year anniversary with him (I find any reason to celebrate!) Ever since I can remember I wanted a little puppy. We had a cocker spaniel growing up and eventually we got a dachshund when I was in middle school but they were always outside dogs (my mom grew up on a farm and would never let a dog inside!) So I always wanted a small inside puppy! I have always loved puppies! Trevor wasn't so fond of foofoo dogs and basically told me he would never get one...until one day! We were at my big's house and her room mate had a Yorkie Poo. Trevor mentioned that he actually thought that dog was pretty I knew right then that I could talk him into a Yorkie Poo. I started searching and to be completely honest, I'm not sure how long I looked for the perfect one, but around Christmas I saw this picture...
This was the photo posted online and I knew he HAD to be mine!!! His little pre-name was Elvis (if you know me, you know I'm in love with Elvis Presley) and he was wrapped in an OSU blanket. It was fate! When Trevor saw this he knew he was in trouble! 

He asked my family if they wanted to help purchase him for my 21st birthday, but they all told him he was crazy and said no to helping out! (Like I said, they aren't really dog people...however, fast forward a year and they LOVE him!! They would actually get mad if I didn't bring him home with me when I visited them from college). Trevor decided to get him for me anyway as a Valentine's Day/21st Birthday Present. 

Trevor and I went to see the puppies in person and I just knew I had to have the one I fell in love with through a computer screen. Trevor and I had planned to go and pick him up on Valentine's Day (in 2009) but Trevor had other plans! He got him on the 13th with a friend and surprised me!!! My roommate and I went to get ice cream and when we got home Trevor was in our house holding this sweet puppy! I was sooooo excited!! At the time I was debating between the names Winston and Otto (Otto was my first choice, but Trevor really like Winston-which actually started off as a joke.) But that night as I was watching tv he curled up next to a bunch of children's books in my room (I was an elementary edu major and was working on a children's book project) and he just looked so cute and nerdy, I knew Winston was the perfect name for him! 

Winston was really the first gift that Trevor got me that symbolized us having a future because although Winston was a gift to me, he has always been "our dog."

He really is the sweetest puppy and the best cuddle bug!

Now you know a little bit more about our family! ;)

I hope everyone has a Happy Valentine's Day tomorrow! ❤️

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