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My Family

Tuesday, August 13, 2013

What Did Teachers Do Before Pinterest?

The title is self explanatory!! How did teachers get all their creative ideas before Pinterest came around?! People probably think that with planning weddings now-a-days too! Sadly, I had not heard of Pinterest when I was planning our wedding. I literally got a Pinterest account the day we returned from our honeymoon! Haha! I'm almost glad I didn't have it or I would have wanted to add 3X's the decor I had planned! But anyway, back to classrooms...I added some more stuff to mine this week and wanted to post about it and as you can probably guess, all my ideas came from the one and only!! 
I made this little board because I plan on incorporating more end of the hour activities where we reflect on the things discussed. I'll probably have them write on post-it's and put them on the board. It's also just a nice reminder to myself that I need to make time for a reflection! 

I printed this little goody and put it with my pencils that Trevor helped me make with zebra duck tape. I thought it was funny! I will eventually hang this above the counter space next to my pencil bucket, but all my textbooks are stacked on the counter right now!

I also printed this and I put it next to the pencil sharpener so they have something to read while they are sharpening their pencils. All the jobs that need math!

I added this little goody to my Words of Wisdom board. I think this applies to everyone!!!

Thanks Pinterest for helping me decorate my classroom this year!!!

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  1. Love these signs!! Just the right touches for your lovely room.