My Family

My Family

Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Two-Steppin' in Stillwater

This past weekend I was in a singing contest that took place at the Tumbleweed in Stillwater. Since many of our college friends live in either Tulsa or OKC, we decided to make some calls and see if we could make a fun night in Stillwater happen! We had a group of almost 20 people come out and support me and hang out that night!! I loved having all of them there!!! Here are a few photos of the contest:

After the contest we decided to hit the strip and see what trouble we could get into! ;)
Our main goal was to do some two-stepping!! So we headed to Outlaws!! Now, if you can't remember the last time Trevor and I two-stepped, you will have to check it out here!!! But we got out there and did our thing and more bruised tailbones! 

me and Cassie!

My Number 1 supporter and love of my life!!

love this guy!!!

I have no words...

We had an awesome time in Stillwater with some of our best friends!!! Thank you to everyone who came out to support me!! I love you all!!!

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