My Family

My Family

Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Country Living for the Weekend

After going back to work last Monday and working all week, all I wanted was a relaxing weekend! Now, I know I probably sound a bit dramatic but after sleeping in all summer, waking up before 6 is really a stretch. Plus, the first few weeks I feel like I talk my students ears off letting them know of all our policies and getting started on all our beginning of the year activities. So I'm usually exhausted at the end of the day! But back to the weekend...our neighbors have some friends that live in Shidler that invited us there for the weekend, so we took them up on the offer. Seriously, all we did was relax (the girls anyway) and it was PERFECT!!! Here are some photos of the beautiful countryside!

Dirt roads and sunflowers!! LOVE!

 It was just what I needed to rejuvenate myself for this week!

The couple that we stayed with have 3 dogs, plus our neighbors brought their 2 dogs and we brought Whiskey. I thought Winston might like staying with my parents more, so he stayed in Tulsa. All of the dogs were males except for one, so I was a little surprised at how well they got along most of the weekend. Whiskey did get in a little altercation...

My poor pup looks like he has a black eye right now! When we got home we took him to Trevor's aunt's house because she is a nurse and she closed the gash up with some skin glue. He is heeling up, but I was a little sad because his birthday is tomorrow...and you know me...I will want a birthday picture! He will just look rough and tough for his 1st birthday!

Stay tuned for a blog about Whiskey's birthday!..I made him a special treat this evening!

I'm already looking forward to this weekend!!! Football season begins!!! PISTOLS FIRIN'

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