My Family

My Family

Monday, August 27, 2012

What's Happening Around Here...

I feel like we just returned from Michigan and already so much has happened!! ...I guess we have almost been home for a month! But here's what's going on around here...
First up... Gary Allan concert!!
A group of 10 of us got tickets to go see Gary Allan on August 9th at the the Joint at the Hard Rock Hotel and Casino!

Next up, my mom got me this cute little deviled eggs dish and I just had to use it...

Isn't it the cutest!!!!
The other day we got a little hail storm with a lot of wind and it knocked our fence over!!

Two weekends ago a group of us went out for a good friend's birthday. We went to dinner at Mi Cocina and then went out on Cherry Street!

Happy Birthday Katie!!!

Last weekend a few of us went to the Drillers game. Since it was a Friday night home game they had a fireworks show which was very impressive! I also must brag on my husband because I mentioned that it would be fun to get a Drillers shirt since we have always lived in Tulsa and before the end of the night he went in the Drillers store and bought me one! He has good taste!

And last but not least...we finally got curtains for our front office!! Thank you Target for having cute stuff!!
I can't believe it is already the end of August and I can't believe we have already been back to school for a week! I have about 135 students and I can officially say I know all their names now! We have a busy week ahead and we are so excited for OKLAHOMA STATE FOOTBALL season!!!

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